My First Blog

May 9, 2011 § Leave a comment

I normally never do these kinds of things but lately I’ve had a lot of time and never really find a productive use of my time, so I decided to make this blog and see where it goes from there. I’ll start off with a name, my name is Edwin, and I live in Santa Barbara, California. I’m an aspiring writer, or more perhaps to say I’m just a kid at heart who has an interest in japanese animation, manga, and video games; and though many things this past year have hindered me to do so I have not given up on my timely obsession of watching action packed fights or gorgeous animated babes fight over one guy.

Its an odd hobby to most, but I think if people took the time to sit down and try to understand that like televised programming there are a wide variety of genres from Shounen (Anime/manga which are the gritty stuff men enjoy) and its sister Shoujo (Anime/manga focused on the female audience), each both genders can enjoy and each provide a variety of story, action, drama, romance, and mystery. Shounen and Shoujo are the two basic templates for the anime/manga genre and all of them branch out into several categories, but more on another post. My journey would most likely be to share my pleasure and show that its not something to be ashamed or looked down upon; sure there are many problems with antisocial behavior but it is not these shows fault, it is not the child either. The parent must push their children into doing activities, to make friends and hopefully the child will be able to find a balance in socializing and a sanctuary.

I guess that will be all I will write, I have not decided on what I would write about officially but all I know is that whats mentioned above is partly due to this. Until next time, I’m signing off.


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