Outlaw Star Part 1

May 10, 2011 § Leave a comment

Outlaw Star Manga

Outlaw Star

My first conquest will be Outlaw Star, an anime series that has riled up my youthful spirit to become more confident and gutsy (to some success), and I am glad to say that I will be watching the series. Outlaw Star first came out as a Seinen manga (a manga series that is focused on 18-30 year old males) and it is a science fiction space western in which 150 years ago humanity stepped out into space with spacecraft that harness energy to make faster than light travel possible. The story revolves around Gene Starwind and his odd crew onboard a starship called the “Outlaw Star”. The crew is made up of a mysterious assassin, a kid genius and business partner of Gene, a hyperactive cat woman, and a gorgeous navigator named Melfina; the Outlaw Star and her crew onboard are all in search of an ancient treasure that can only be found in the Galactic Leyline, on their journey the crew encounter strange aliens, pirates, and various job opportunities that help them along their journey. The manga was published in 1996 and the anime adaptation followed around 1998.

I first saw Outlaw Star sometime around 2001 when it first aired on Toonami, and though the original series was slightly mature and therefore edited heavily, I quite enjoyed the series due to the space fights with the Outlaw Star and the various pirates, I did enjoy the entire cast of characters and the random jobs they take to earn money for a living. From what I remember Gene Starwind is quite the ladies man and throughout his journey he makes it clear that he loves to screw around with gorgeous girls. There is Melfina as well who is a strange woman who was awoken from a cryo-sleep sometime around the first two episodes; she does not remember her past or who she was but relies a lot on Gene to help her find the answers. I can’t remember most of the cast of characters but the main two focus is usually on Gene and Melfina and even as a kid I felt a romance attachment between the two that just even made me feel more for the show.

With that said this conquest will be my first and by far my favorite. I cannot wait to watch the series and I really do recommend people watch it. Though from what I know there was suppose to be a seconds season but it was frozen for almost a decade, so please support the official release and help us get a second season! This series must continue on! Until next time ^^


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