Anime Conquest Challenge

May 10, 2011 § Leave a comment

So with much thinking and consideration from my friend David, I have finally decided on what to do with this blog and the direction I’ll take it in for the time being. Recently I’ve been day dreaming about my youth and all the shows that came out during the mid 90’s up until I entered High school, all of them were quite cherished memories and I would not want to change anything about it. So here comes the thought, “What if I re-watched every anime from my youth and write about it?” and thus a challenge was born. I am going to watch every single anime I ever saw as a child (including movies) and I shall write about how I feel before I watched it again and after.

The rules are that I must remember animes during that timeline up until 2005 (which means if the second season or such comes out after 2005 its left out), the exception to this rule is that I may watch an anime if the japanese release was before 2005. The certain anime I begin I must write beforehand how I felt about it before and only write about how I felt after when I finish the entire series and I must do so with my honest opinion. I must watch any anime that is available to me (meaning torrents and mirrorsites), and I am allowed to watch the english or japanese dub. The last and final rule is that I have until the end of this year to finish up my quest. The listing will be below and will be continually edited in future posts should I remember more (note it will be in random order).

-Cowboy Bebop

-Princess Mononoke

-Serial Experiments Lain

-Rurouni Kenshin

-Outlaw Star

-Dragon Ball Z

-Fooly Cooly


-Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind

-Fullmetal Panic


-Ninja Scroll

-Neon Genesis Evangelion


-Macross Plus

-Macross 2 Movie

-Ghost in the Shell movie

-X (the Show)

-X (the movie)


-Tokyo Godfathers

-Angel Links

-Spirited Away



These 25 animes I will watch, write, and complete by the end of the year. I will explain a bit of the plot in my entries, mention the year it was released, and explain the genre. Until next time.

Signature: Anime Pride for Life!


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