Outlaw Star Part 2

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WARNING! Any spoiler revealed in this entry is entirely intended to explain my views on the show for the challenge’s sake; if spoilers aren’t your thing then GTFO!

Outlaw Star

Outlaw Star

To summarize what the show is about, it is a random mess of jobs and fending off pirates and whatnot from retrieving Melfina, a bio android with not only the knowledge of the Leyline she is also the key to activate it as well; Melfina though is unaware of her destiny and is made a promise from Gene to work together to dig up her past and in the process make it big. Pretty standard idea but believe me that there is more to it than just this, each episode is an individual slice of variety that makes new shows seem dull. I had no complaints watching this series and I must say the rumors for a second season should have come true ten years ago; sadly no such luck. Characters I did not mention much in the previous post are Jim Hawking, Suzuka, Hilda, and definitely my two favorites (aside from Gene and Mel) Aisha Clan Clan and Fred Luo, but this part is a more intuitive part of how I felt as a kid (which I semi neglected in the first post)

The main thing I can remember from Outlaw Star was watching the series when I was young, sitting in my ninja patterned pajamas with my dinner on my lap and the tv in front of me. I sat on my parents bed since the tv is on the drawer, but when I was young I had to look up just to see it, but no matter what I fell in love with many of the shows on toonami, but to me Outlaw Star was special because it was the only space scifi anime of its kind in my life that made me fascinate over space. I was afraid of the dark but to me it seemed that space was a prism of color and variety that my naive mind could not comprehend. I was fascinated and ended up doing well in school, sadly I got in trouble and ended up becoming more social, mainly around a group at school. Me and my friends always got in trouble and when someone picked on us we’d back each other up; it was a friendship that was strong during our youth and because of OS influence I took part in such an event. I met interesting people during this gang of ours, but as we got older and we were no longer in elementary school we drifted off; but a few friends stayed and we’ve been together ever since. The days were golden for me, school was a paradise, but being home was not much of a sanctuary with my parents fighting. They weren’t big fights but as a kid it was not nice, and anime was always a good distraction (and power rangers). For once in my life I felt like I could take on the world from watching Outlaw (as well as DBZ), and I would not have it any other way; thats the magic I felt when I saw Outlaw Star.

Jim Hawking, a boy genius and hacker with a knack for the business world, Jim is the partner of Starwind and Hawking Enterprises, an all odd job business whose logo is that they’ll do any work. Jim spends most of his youth working on fixing his cars; he is later plunged into space with Gene and Hilda and then takes care of the Outlaw with Gene and the crew.

An Outlaw is someone who makes a path for himself working as a mercenaries, some are treasure hunters hoping to make it big; but all Outlaws follow the rules and code they make and make it a point to keep flying in hopes of becoming the best of their trade and make it big. Hilda is such an Outlaw, famous for being cool headed in even the most dangerous situations, she is a fearless woman with much experience in combat. Hilda is shown in the first episode, under the guise of a business woman hiring Gene and Jim for work; it does not take long for the pirates to catch up and attempt to retake their stolen cargo. Gene later forces her hand to reveal her true intent and then opens her secret cargo, in which Melfina rested in cryo sleep. Escaping the planet of Sentinel 3, Gene and Jim’s home, the three escapes to Blue Heaven (a satellite station) and later head off to hijack the XGP, a secret spacecraft later dubbed the Outlaw Star by the crew. Though Hilda had her brief spotlight in the series she dies saving Gene and Melfina from pirates, a truly gutsy woman indeed.

To start off Aisha Clan Clan (as spelled) is a Ctarl Ctarl, a race of cat eared metamorphs that are immensely strong, and in their beast mode they are so strong that they could tear down an entire space port. Aisha and Gene meet in the early episodes demanding Gene to halt her position but instead the crew leave for warp space and later it is known to the Ctarl Ctarl Empire that Hot Ice Hilda, a famous Outlaw who knows the location of the Leyline, escaped with them on Hilda’s ship. She is then demoted and forced to stay on Blue Heaven to earn money to hunt them down. Their second encounter she attacks them before Gene feels pity and offers her to eat; it did not take long for her to get into the fighting spirit in which Gene shoots her with a Caster Shell, knocking her out and leaving her with the bill. She continuously hounds Gene and eventuallyl joins the Outlaw crew to serve her own ambitions for the empire but after the end it is said she permanently joined the crew’s ranks.

Fred Luo is a business tycoon who inherited his father’s trading business. With an interesting ego and an emotional (and sexual) attachment to Gene he offers him many job opportunities and investments, in which Gene would eventually have to pay back the entire debt he owes to him. Fred has a thing for males during the show but it is said he is merely curious and does not mind the company of females, but it is during one of the episodes that he frets over one woman. Desperate for an escape, he hires Gene and the crew to defeat his fiancé, whom he made a deal to marry if she won the strongest woman in the universe tournament five times in a row; with four down and one more to go he would be forced to marry her if she won a fifth time.

Now the show makes it a point for the bad guys to pick a fight with Gene, and Suzuka is no exception. Originally targeting Fred Luo she later turns her sight on Gene Starwind who thwarted her assassination attempt. After losing she makes it a promise to one day kill Gene in an honorable duel, but later she takes an interest at the end and joins his crew. Like Hilda she is cool headed and is extremely formidable with her wooden sword.

Now I must say when I finish a series I feel a sense of completion and momentary gloom, with OS it leaves a lot of room for hope in that another season will come out. Outlaw Star honestly is a win, the magic from my youth was not only there but it had gone farther than I expected and awoke my inner child. The american televised version of OS was heavily edited in my youth to remove some if not most of the adult content for Toonami to air it; and watching the regular version just made me scream for more. The anime is more gritty than I remembered, one such moment was when Jim said “Looks like Gene popped his space cherry!” which shows the adult content of the show (among Gene waking up to a girl in his bed in the first episode). A lot of things I saw were old and refreshing to watch, but one episode was completely new to me, which was episode 23 in which the entire Outlaw crew stepped onto a hot spring planet in search of Caster Shells (I lol’ed my ass off the entire episode). The hero Gene is really bad ass in his own right, but his first venture into space was a sudden thing and it gave the viewer a slight laugh to see Gene have a minor weakness and a nice new pace.

Throughout the series there was a few repetitive bad guys that always returned, the Kei Pirates who wanted Melfina and the Outlaw and the diabolical Mac Doughal brothers who were responsible for killing Hilda and Gene’s father. Throughout the show things get interesting between the pirates and Mac Doughal, and at the end each meet up at the Leyline and attempt to get the treasure themselves. It is later revealed that the Leyline has substantial power to grant any desire, a treasure the Mac Doughal brothers never obtained and retreated. The space pirates and Gene later fought in a powerful struggle with the Outlaw as the victor and the Leyline disappearing to a new destination in the universe. The story ends there but the Mac Doughal brothers will hound them in the future. No new season has been announced and I do hope it comes out soon, ten years have passed and no new OS.

The music is fitting for the show, and the ending themes were both enjoyable to watch and hear. The art in the credits were made by a well known artist who instead of drawing or digital art he paints fantasy and scifi images each with their own feel to them. I recommend that you watch his gallery as they are breathtaking to watch, Hicaru Nakata has done some serious artwork with paint for several books and did the ending theme imagery for Outlaw Star.

So what did we learn today? Outlaws are bad ass, pirates can suck it, and Gene Starwind is probably one of the most memorable heroes among the other top tiers. Until Next time, stay gold and have anime pride.


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