Fooly Cooly Conquest 1

May 12, 2011 § Leave a comment

Fooly Cooly

Fooly Cooly image

There are many animes that I have loved, some I found okay and a few I totally disliked, but only one just leaves me with a vague and unanswered questions that just make me say “What the hell was I watching?” That such anime is called Fooly Cooly (a.k.a. FLCL). For a long time I had wondered what the point of Fooly Cooly was, with its kickass female character and a 6th grade boy? Most of the show to me seemed like a random mess that I didn’t want to watch so soon but with my friends Adam and Paola’s positive opinion on the show I thought I’d make Fooly Cooly my next conquest for this challenge. With only 6 episodes its bound to be easy right?

To start this off Fooly Cooly is a Japanese animated series that came out around 2000 and it’s a random scifi/comedy about a fictional town called Mabase, a boring town like city that had recently gotten a giant medical factory up top on a hill. The main story revolves around a twelve year old boy named Naota Nandaba, in which at the beginning of the episode is with an older girl who seems to be infatuated with him. Just when Naota leaves to go home he is then run over by a strange woman in a Vespa who then does CPR to resurrect the shocked Naota. With his consciousness back into full gear the woman does not apologize and instead bashes his forehead with her bass guitar (a mighty fine one at that), and the story begins there. The story mainly focuses on Naota but it tends to shine the spotlight on other characters from time to time which is unusual for an anime with only 6 episodes each 24 minutes long. With its release and smash cultural impact it later gave rise to a manga (a Japanese comic that reads from right to left) later that June and a Blu-ray release on 2010. The genre is classified in Science Fiction, Comedy, and Surreal (and surreal it sure is).

Now for my opinion; When I watched Fooly Cooly for the first time on the Adult Swim channel I had no idea what the plot was about. I vaguely even remember it at all other than the random mess Naota had during his first encounter with Haruko (Vespa Woman) and her strange and perhaps sexual relationship with Naoto’s father. The series was most definitely quite mature for me despite the editing put into it. What I do remember clearly is how the first episode Naota had a growing wart on his head that close to the end of the episode grew and separated into a robot. I really enjoyed the robot (which they named Canti), humanoid shaped robot with a television for a head he was by far the most normal seeming character other than Naota (when they’re not fighting other robots), epic robot for the win! The only fascination I had with the show was staying up late attempting to watch Evangelion and Cowboy Bebop, but eventually the show got me interested; just when I wanted more I missed the end because I slept through it and the next morning I awoke in a fit of rage because of it. I had missed the last episode and since then I resented that show for being on so late at night.

The music for Fooly Cooly was undoubtedly the most bad ass compliment to the show aside from the characters themselves and even when the episode was almost done the song “Ride on Shooting Star” by the pillows was the perfect way to end the show with its soft rock music; I even began to sing the song repeatedly because it was stuck in my head (even though my singing was bad and I didn’t know what the lyrics were saying). It is a show that was a crazed hit for more reasons than I can remember, 8 years is a long time to finally remember something.

Now for my conquest to re-watch Fooly Cooly, I am quite excited and to watch this series again and hopefully understand what my prepubescent mind could not pick up so well. I have two friends I know who both love the show and I feel hyped up just to listen to The Pillows again after almost 8 years. If the world will end on 2012 (not that the world will end… Major Atheist ^^) I want to go out of this world to the song “Ride on Shooting Star”. Until next time this is Edwin to remind you that December 31st will be the deadline to finish Fooly Cooly as well as the entire 23; MAY THE ANIME GODDESS BLESS ME!


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