Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko Anime

May 13, 2011 § 1 Comment

Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko by pcmaniac88

After a long love hate relationship with japanese media that have risen from the long years of life, most I enjoyed, some I disliked and whatnot. If someone told me to go watch an anime because there is a weird girl wrapped around a futon who believes she’s an alien; I would most likely not watch it at all. In fact I dislike aliens the most, not the we come in peace and crap I mean the fucking aliens that either kidnap or just want to annihilate the human race. I’m afraid of paranormal stuff, hell I worked late shifts at my previous restaurant gig and despised going to the back because of the eerie feeling it gave me. Ghosts and demons I could somewhat handle, burning sage and holy water and whatnot; aliens to me are frightening because they are unstoppable, they can enter houses and do whatever they please and that thought just sends chills to my spine. I love watching paranormal stuff, but living it is another experience entirely.

With that said I make it a point to love and hate aliens and ghosts and I did not pay attention to this anime for a few days until I got into my favorite mirror site and saw the cover for this series. What my friend neglected to mention was that the girl was as cute as a button, and cutely short (a bit big and old for a regular loli). For those that don’t know what a lolita is it is basically a young straight forward girl, at the age of 8-11; in most animes they depict them as the helpful character, cute and give the sense of a younger sister to the main character. The differences between the loli chart I call is simple, there are 4 in total which go from baby lolis (cute baby females that parents dress up in outfits), the helpful basic loli, the teenage loli (teenage girls with a small figure but are above basic), and adult lolis (explains for itself). To say the least I won’t candy coat it, lolita characters in anime look underage and they do tend to frighten the adult audiences outside of japan but fret not this is the norm to them. In my opinion I like loli’s because my entire family is small, I grew up in a community where some girls and boys were short even after puberty and I was accustomed to this already, it was normal to me. It was normal for my friend Angel to marry a tall man despite her being about 5’3, so I made no big deal; though she looks sixteen and her husband is often unkept and he gets questioned a lot (no joke). I asked them once how they were able to put up with it all and they just told me that “It’s our life really, the small hurdles we can look back on and laugh them off. I find it funny that this happens but what can we do about it.”

The big difference for me is simple, I like the loli type because I too am short, but I still want someone my age or older. Just as men like well endowed women I am comfortable with people my size if not shorter (i’m 4’11), I enjoy my fellows. To continue on this crazy train, the anime cover was really cute and thats what got me to enjoy the series; it is relatively new and I am writing about my feelings on the series so far. The story is about told by a high school student named Niwa Makoto, who recently moves to a new city and stays with his aunt. When he arrives to his new home he is perplexed by a girl near the front door who is wrapped around a futon and curiously digs around for information on this stranger. This strange girl calls herself Erio, but despite her appearance she calls herself an extraterrestrial and remembers nothing about her previous life and spouts random nonsense about aliens and experiments. The entire series is a comedy revolving around Niwa attempting to get Erio to accept herself as a human and get her to be more social in life. The other characters I won’t name for spoilers, but the series is quite random but there seems to be no hint that Erio is under a watchful eye by aliens, but the story seems to get Erio to come out of her shell bit by bit.

The series is quite funny, making mention random alien movies and culture (such as Speilbergs E.T. and Rocketman), for those who pick up on these jokes get more of a laugh from them. I recommend this series for its slice of life moments and comedic routines; though the anime is semi serious under the clown make up I say most will enjoy it. That is my feelings on this series, so far there are 5 episodes so keep a watch for more. For all those people afraid of overly cute short anime characters I have this to say, “Lighten Up” and focus on the real threat! Pedophiles! In no way people have proven that anime makes viewers do sexual or violent crimes so focus elsewhere! Until next time.


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