C- The Money of Soul and Possibility Control

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The Money of Soul and Possibility Control

If there was a way you could earn more money than you already are gaining, would you take the offer? In this economic time who wouldn’t want some extra cash to help out with bills, repair and renovate your home, or buy that fancy sports car you always wanted? If this sounds like you then there is a bank willing to give you a loan and set your financial life sky high with no requirement needed? What if I said that in exchange for this your entire future is wagered, anything you are or could be put on the table as collateral in exchange? Would you then still take the offer? That is the world that C- explores, a world in which an entrepreneur (Entre) and their fighting combatants called assets combat in an alternate dimension called the Financial District, waging their money and using skill and trickery to earn their promised money and annihilate the opponent. The image above has a link to the first episode by the good (sarcasm) charity of Funimation studios, so please by all means check it out and set yourself loose in the Financial District.

The story is quite simple, the economic downfall of the world has slowly began to recover and humans lead their lives unaware that a secret bank is responsible for the recovery; while Entre’s fight to greedily earn money they unknowingly allowed the flow of black money (Midas Money) to flow through the real world and affect reality. With every loss of an entre the human world takes a toll; it can be small or big depending on the amount lost, from being hit from a falling pot to the utter destruction of major conglomerates, the financial district wills it. The main character in the series is Kimimaro, a college student who wants to have a normal life rather than join the rat race he knows as his world, to work and have a family when he’s financially set, or that is until a mysterious man from Midas offers him a loan. Refusing at first, he unwillingly is plunged into the Financial District and the secret world the government ever knows about but cannot do a thing without risking total collapse of their economy.

Watching the first episode it plunges the viewer into the eyes of an unknown stranger who ends up taking a deal with Souichirou Mikuni, a powerful Entre who utterly annihilates the newbie. In my opinion it seems like a good way to start an episode, an epic action sequence that leaves unanswered questions that will slowly make sense throughout the series. There are only 5 episodes out and more to come and I must say that this new approach to an action genre, a formula that in my opinion has succeeded thus far. Despite Kimimaro’s wishes he is forced to fight on in Deals to ensure his future or else lose everything. His asset is a cute demon girl named Mashyu (spelled Msyu) who is a fire based asset that at the second episode scolds and explains to him to get serious; through their combined effort Kimimaro survives his first deal, earning him a substantial amount of Midas Money and returns to the human world with a new perspective.

How the fighting works is not all too complicated, when two Entre’s are selected to fight they make a deal in which the two enter in which the two must combat for 666 seconds. The damage an Entre deals increases his money by draining his opponents, a failed hit makes him lose money, and if he is damaged his money is decreased. The asset is key because of their skills, each skill using a certain amount of money that are either Micro, Mezo, or Macro; while the assets aren’t the only ones that can attack the Entre can use money to make energy blades and join the fight. The only way to come out of a deal alive is if an Entre wins or if the timer runs out; the amount of money lost in the deal still affects reality nonetheless. An Entre is obliged to fight in a minimum of one deal per week.

C- is a good new and original anime that will get people attached to the main characters struggle between fighting other Entre’s and his kind heart to feel pity for the loser. The show still has many unanswered questions but some things slowly make sense. I recommend this series because its fresh and easy for anyone to get into and therefor gets a praise. Don’t forget about the link located on the image, so please do check out the first episode. Also read the Control the Money- fanfic I wrote if your interested. Until next time.


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