Fooly Cooly Conquest 2

May 15, 2011 § Leave a comment

Completing Fooly Cooly was no easy task; during my conquest I’ve had 5 mirror videos get removed, and an entire mirror site go down for several days. It has not been much of a lucky day, what should have been an easy hunt turned into a long game of cat and mouse to not only find the show but to find a decent quality version. To say the least after all the failed attempts to complete the last episode I am quite pleased to say I finished the series without the need of using any of the backup torrents (would have slowed the connection for days).

Fooly Cooly as I said in the previous post revolves mostly around Naota, a six grade boy who is assaulted by a strange woman named Haruko, who afterwards lives in Naota’s home as the house maid. Even in the beginning things do not make sense, a series of random events caused by the growing warts that pop out of Naota’s poor head. It is not made clear in the beginning as to why random monsters and robots come out of his head until later on in the series, and despite the oddities in the show the action sequences following the newborn robots are quite entertaining. Though the plot is wonky at first and confusing to get into until a few episodes in, the show starts to take a small turn from random to reasonable. We later learn that Haruko is not an earthling and her reason for coming to the planet was because she tracked down a powerful space pirate called Atomsk; though even as to why that is remains unclear until the finale.

The final episode starts off depressing with Haruko and Canti gone, leaving behind Naota to continue on his life with a city covered in white smoke caused from the previous robot attack. Suddenly without any warning Haruko returns for one last job and in order to see it through she needs the help of Naota. The final episode is 30 minutes long and finishes the series by not only explaining whats going on in a nutshell but the twist ending was also something that would be memorable for me. 8 years ago I missed the final episode, so I did not get around to it until now and honestly it was a badass and also cute way to end it. Canti, Naota, and several other computer components combine together to form the space pirate but somewhere during its transformation Naota gained the space pirates power and completely became super powerful, ticking off Haruko who reveals her true intention. The two duke it out in a brawl with Haruko on the edge of losing, just when the finisher comes Naota freezes in place, confesses his love to her and kisses her. In the end Atomsk escapes elsewhere and Haruko follows after him and this time leaves earth for good.

To express my feelings for the show, I can only sum it up as the most confusing yet most kickass series I have ever watched. It not only knows how to handle the action but the ever changing Naota gives it a refreshing sense that he is growing more mature thanks to Haruko and the events around him. Sure the only other character I enjoyed other than Canti and Naota is Eri, the mayors daughter, but her role in the series may have been minor but enjoyable. The music is still kickass to listen to and goes well with the fights but to really explain how I felt finally watching the final episode felt absolutely fantastic to have some closure to what I started 8 years ago. Fooly Cooly is an interesting series that a lot of people would enjoy; I would have enjoyed the series more if I could find a higher quality video and didn’t have trouble finding them but it was a worthwhile journey from beginning to end. For 6 episodes the show gave its viewers a rollercoaster ride that has left many people satisfied (including myself).


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