Recettear: I Dun Wanna Live in a Box! </3

May 16, 2011 § Leave a comment

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There have been many roleplaying games that follow the same unexplored RPG equation of dungeon crawling, grinding, and enraging boss fights that just makes a player rage and stock up on potions from their local item shops. The adventurers have all the spotlight and don’t give any for the unsung heroes that made their conquests possible, in Recettear the RPG system is revamped for something uniquely different. The game starts off with the main character Recette who is greeted by a loan shark fairy named Tear, who demands to collect her fathers debt or else repossess her home and force Recette live in a box (Click the image above, sums up how I felt afterwards, not my artwork). Unable to pay the money Tear offers Recette a solution by transforming her home into an item shop, thus beginning the game.

The game mechanics are quite simple to get into, with only 3 buttons to use (aside from esc), and the characters themselves are moe to the core. This game is obscenely cute, from character modelling to the art work, hell even the monsters are cute (to an extent) the game is cute from beginning to end. The thing that isn’t cute at all is the weekly collection that is done once a week; this gives a sense of dread when you have horrible sales and you haven’t met your quota for that week. What gets even more depressing is when you fail to pay the collection your house is repossessed and shows a cut scene in which Recette is living in a box.

The strong points of the game in my experience is to piss you off when a customer storms out, make you overly happy when you hit it big on a sale, and make you cry when its game over; this game is a highly effective way to kill time and even addicting at times. Emotion is key to any games overall enjoy, why play a game that you can’t have fun in and make you say “That was majorly fun”, Recettear pulls this off really well and I enjoyed it from beginning to end. The item shop can be expanded to fit more items, you can change your flooring and walls to add an angelic feeling or a dreadful dungeon feeling that affects how many customers you get for that sale. There is also a combo chain that goes into effect with each sale that affects your shop owner xp with each level unlocking you certain perks to help you reap in the Pix (Recettears money), sadly this chain can be restarted if a consumer is displeased with the price or storms out. With many perks, items, and a variety of clients the game is easy to play but difficult to truly master.

There is also a dungeon diving side quest where the player hires an adventurer and goes questing for items; simple enough until you add monsters into the formula. Each time you go into a field the maps always change so you never get into the same path again, to go onto the next floor you must find a portal that will warp you to the next. Before going into the dungeon the player can bring along certain items like food to help him in his journey, but this takes up space to an already small inventory. The dungeon system is well done, overall the game is well done and there are not many bugs, most you own’t even notice, but I was disappointed in the dungeon crawling that I’ve come to know in every other game and my ever small inventory space became a dreadful game of swapping items. You can only fit so many items in your inventory when you go to a dungeon so once it fills up you can’t pick anymore without tossing swapping things out or removing them entirely. Its a fun mini game nonetheless but you can’t help but get pissed because you find a valuable item and you have to make a decision to sacrifice something from your inventory; seems like an easy decision but some items can be combined for crafting so the situation can be complicated.

The game has a variety of memorable characters, items, and monsters that are fun. My adventurer Louie who is the starter adventurer and the most funniest character there is. Louie is a poor and untrained adventurer who has not earned a place among the Adventurers Guild to earn work, quite a lovable character as he is poor to even buy food that he has to scavenge for edible grass and the like. Though there are many other adventurers each with unique attributes and classes, Louie was my favorite because of his pathetic but positive persona made him quite fun and easy to get along with. The game has many strong points but the ever skulking collection does not give one enough time to jump into dungeons and sell so one has to balance dungeon crawling and adventuring. Upon completing the game (which is somewhat short, about 6-12 hours), the game has an endless mode in which you no longer need to pay your debt and gives you time to explore dungeons and sell what you want to earn a profit. There is also a mode called New Game+ which allows you to start a new game with your hard earned stats and level but you still follow the story; there is also a survival mode that pins the player up in a never ending weekly collection that increases every week until the player fails. Survival mode is still similar to the game in which you can sell and dungeon crawl but prepare to be mad and cry yourself to sleep when you fail eventually; still a nice mode to play.

Recettear has been one of the most fulfilling and raging games I have ever played. I highly recommend it because its quite fun and honestly cheap, $20 US. . Also if you have not clicked the image above then do so, I enjoyed the comic ^^ As Recettes slogan goes “Capitalism Ho!” and have a great day.


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