The Epic of Trigun Part 1

May 16, 2011 § Leave a comment


When it comes to a science fiction space western people tend to either enter the yes or no category; some love space westerns such as Firefly and some just want to stick to their cheesy vampire shows (Angel/Buffy is beast compared to others). Now what would happen if you change that formula differently, add in a story of a legendary outlaw who destroyed an entire city, now finally add that said gunman and make him a pacifist/dumbass and you get Trigun. The story is set on a desert planet lightyears away from earth where the only law is to carry a gun for protection. On this planet there is one man with the highest bounty dead or alive, whose legend is to have leveled an entire populated city, this mans name is Vash the Stampede. The beginning episodes start off with two insurance collectors who hunt his trail, following their quest a random event of destruction and comedy awaits them as they meet an oddball stranger in a red trench coat.

With what I remember from this show is that I only watched one show on Adult Swim, and I loved it instantly. My cable was cut soon after and all other chance to continue ended, but I followed the manga and loved every bit of the story since. Now today after a long time I shall once again redeem myself and conquer Trigun! I can feel myself going gun crazy just thinking about the series and I’m totally eager to jump into it again. I can continue to go on and express how bad ass the Opening, the manga, and how bad ass this world is but I have no idea what I’ll see minus one episode (somewhere in the middle). I really am disappointed that this entry is short but I guess its better to go in blind sometimes, more surprises along the way. Until next time have a great day and always pray to the Anime Goddess. Bye bye ^^


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