Kaichou wa Maid-sama

May 20, 2011 § Leave a comment

Recently due to finals I haven’t gotten around to finishing trigun, but I have gotten around to catching up with the anime for 2010-2011 and I must say one has caught my eye that in my opinion rivals that of K-On. Imagine being the class president of a seedy school and earn the reputation of a fearful figure who cracks down on anyone slacking off? It’s an already good scenario to a school anime, now we add the twist; your family is in a heap of debt because of your father and you help around with money by getting a job, the twist is its a maid cafe. For those who don’t know what a maid cafe is, its pretty much as the title says, a cafe where you’re served by lovely women in maid outfits. Upon entering you are greeted as Master or Mistress and seated down to look at the menu, depending on the order there are various services that are done like singing a song or writing a name on an omelet with ketchup. Its a strange place for someone who enters the first time but it is quite the experience worth coming back to.

The story is set in Sekai High school, a once all boys school that recently became coed, but with its reputation being a poor school Misaki Ayuzawa turns all that around when she becomes the class president of the school, increasing the standards of the school and its students. She is well loved by girls and lightly despised by men, though often stricter on guys she’ll put the school before her own needs. Though she is proud of her authority there is a secret that she fears will ruin her reputation if known; that she works in as a maid at Maid latte. With her family in financial troubles she works at the cafe for the big pay and nice atmosphere, all the while careful about leaving evidence of her work. Things begin to boil when Usui Takami, a popular male student, discovers her secret and confronts her for his enjoyment. Though he keeps her job a secret he often enters the cafe as a client to harass her for his enjoyment, but let me say he’s not a bad guy.

So far I’m impressed with the series, normally something I would not watch but it has been entertaining. Each episode is a slice of individuality and a nice breath of fresh air for me, a good shoujo anime is what I needed from the massive Shonen wall I slammed into. Its cute, well drawn, and every episode has a wild variety of comedic moments that anyone can easily get into. With so much animes out there this one is a must watch and therefore gets a praise. Until next time good luck on finals and may summer work out for you ^.^


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