The Epic of Trigun Part 2

May 26, 2011 § Leave a comment

At long last after almost a week I have finished watching Trigun, perhaps one of my most favorite animes so far to date. The previous blog image for Trigun made me think “So this is how Vash is. Seems hardcore”, though after finishing the series he is such a caring pacifist who only fights when its to save someone. This image does so much justice to Vash’s real nature, a funny wuss who always manages to get himself out of the most troublesome of situations. I only saw 1 episode when I was young but that one episode stuck with me until I downloaded a torrent and managed to watch it from beginning to end. Aside from Vash being the star there is Meryl Strife and Milly Thompson and Nicholas D. Wolfwood who tag along during his journey; each bring a great variety of comedy and drama that makes the series quite interesting.

To start off the first episode starts with a group of locals talking about Vash the Stampede in a saloon, giving a bit of an introduction to the would be hero as “The $$60,000,000,000.00 Man” and the “Humanoid Typhoon”; yet with such a high reputation and an equally high bounty the legendary gunman is actually a lighthearted man who promotes love and peace and despises the act of killing in which even in the most troubling situation he never kills a single gunman after him. Even if he is a king and slightly screwball person it is still no surprise bandits and mercs try to hunt him down, yet no matter what the situation he manages to come out of it alive. Later introduced in the episode is Meryl and Milley, two agents from thr Bernadelli Insurance company in search of Vash and keep surveillance on him, though when they meet the real Vash they dismiss that such a wimp is the “Humanoid Typoon” and continue their search.  The entire series is quite interesting, each episode is a different scenario and although it sometimes repeats the series is darn well done. As for plot it kicks in sometime in the middle in which it introduces the main villains of the story and cause mayhem and chaos for Vash. If this seems like a typical hero story then you’d be wrong to assume and dismiss such an interesting anime.

The series seems mostly like an action comedy set in a space western world, but halfway through the plot thickens with the introduction of Legato and the Gung-Ho-Gunz, a group of skilled assassins with extraordinary skill and equipment hell bent to cause Vash as much suffering as possible by killing innocent people or endangering his friends. Vash usually puts them in his place, but the damage caused is almost unbearable for the gunman. The group is led by Legato, a fanatical henchmen of Knives (Vash’s Twin) who has telepathic powers; the real brain is Vash’s brother Knives who despises humankind and sets plans in motion to kill them off to extinction and every situation involving the Gung-Ho-Gunz is directly caused by Knives.

One thing I did enjoy in the series is the character development over the series, mainly over Vash. Not many heroes are like him in the sense that he not only saves the innocent but saves the enemy; hell not many action heroes can walk in his shoes and save every person, even the bad guy. He’s one memorable hero with a bad ass trench coat and one memorable saying “Love and Peace!” So until Next time keep the lead running and the peace flowing. Later.


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