Pre Anime Expo Jitters

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Anime Expo is just a few days away and I am getting really nervous being on my own in a city I… actually despise for its traffic, humid climate, and the creepy pedestrians that try to give you religious pamphletes. The only thing that I know about Los Angeles is this small area that on every block there is bound to be some person selling hot dogs with bacon wrapped around the weiner .-. So much of Los Angeles is really new to me and I have to rely on my friends going to get us to the Convention Center Safely.

That isn’t to say that I’m a naive fool, I can get around in whatever new setting I’m placed, but the slight phobia of staying out late does get to me… >///< I know I’ll manage somehow if I’m in a group, but I don’t trust myself walking alone without getting lost @_@ Yeah laugh at me if you want, but I have a bad sense of direction when I’m in a new area, hell much of my hometown I haven’t explored yet!

Well just to make this short, I am really really nervous, fortunately for me the Con will make this entire journey worth it as I am hunting down several goodies that have repeatedly escaped my clutches on ebay. I also am Excited that I will get to meet Fred Gallagher and I wouldn’t be surprised if I manage to spaz out just because I shook his hand (no not really .-.). I honestly have mad respect for Fred, creator of Megatokyo. That guy is a genius among us Americans!

On the downside there is a horrible rumor that 90% of the retailers will not attend and set up shop in the convention at all, seeing as the shop fee charges them for every item they have. Sadly my hunting may go down but I’ll have to make do. Oh and for those going, please try to attend as many free concerts and anime screenings as possible, seeing as they are free you should check em out and try to not waste a lot of money buying stuff. For those also going, save yourself some money and bring your own lunch since the food in the con is overly priced. even the coke =.=

Well to finish things up during the duration of the con I will not work on any Conquest or anime posts until the con is over. I will however find time to hopefully blog about each day and the people I have met. This is an exciting day and I do hope my expectations are literally blown away. Until next time i do hope you all have a wonderful weekend and to those attending the expo to please click the image above for the Anime Expo video guide on youtube. See you next time and “May the Anime Goddess be with us!”


2 Months Running My Mouth Off

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Its been almost 2 months since I started this blog, and so far a lot of opportunities have come just from starting this up out of sheer boredom. I admit, I had no real purpose other than to just type what I wanted to talk about, mostly nonsensical anime stuff, but there is no greater feeling than having other people read your writing. I’m not a real critic, I’m not a journalist, I’m just an average guy who just simply for the most part, loves anime and anything related to it. Manga, anime, movies, games. I love it all ^^ Sure I’ll rant on the occasional anime or praise it for a true masterpiece, but these are just all my opinions. I don’t speak for every otaku or the publishers, I’m just a guy who decided to have a voice and share it. I might not be a big sensation, hell I might never be, but still there is no greater sense of accomplishment than this blog. My High School graduation, in which hundreds upon hundreds filled the stadium of my school but this blog in my opinion is twenty times bigger than my graduation and is still growing.

First off I’d like to say that this blog is close to 500 hits, sure compared to keyboard cat its insignificant; but to me each number means a lot to me. Everyone who has viewed this blog has taken the time off to read what I have and that is an accomplishment to me. Okay I’m a bit sentimental right now, but still I cannot just help but feel accomplished ^^

Seeing as anime expo is just around the corner, I will take it upon myself to talk about all I see there and all the people I meet. I’ll be doing tons of research on what will be at the con and do my best to see every stand! I feel literally pumped! I hope all of my viewers continue to support me and I will do my best to post new content. Until next time, take care and follow this guy. he’s gonna play Lord of the Rings Online for 7 days, in a crate of solitude! My Bet is… he’ll go insane… and the crate is gonna smell baaaaddd ^^

What’s Your //Sign?

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Its been a long time since I wrote a new conquest post. Well guess today is an obviously busy day, but I managed to finish my application on time and i’m using the spare time I have to post this. Todays conquest is -drumroll- .hack//Sign!!!!

Oh goodness this anime brings back so many memories, mainly of the confusion in the story and characters. I was really young back then, staying up all the way to midnight just to watch it, and made my brother watch one episode with me. Goodness I want to thank toonami for having its weekend lineup with one of the most memorable animes for me, hell this anime was THE anime that clearly stuck with me, more so than Outlaw Star. .Hack//Sign is directed by Kōichi Mashimo and produced by studio Bee Train and Bandai Visual ; the show aired on the Tokyo Broadcasting System (TBS) on April 4th 2002 that aired 26 episodes with character design by Yoshiyuki Sadamoto (known for his Evangelion series). The show aired in America by Bandai Entertainment (time unknown). The unique aspect of .hack//Sign is that the world is set inside a game, an online game called “The World” with actual players logging in and out, doing quests, and NPC’s selling items or handing out quests.

The story revolves around Tsukasa, a confused player who, for some reason, cannot log out; not only log out but can feel things and pain in the game. Distraught by his current situation, he gets unwanted attention from the Crimson Knights for Cheating as well as players interested in him. Though the atmosphere of the world is set in a game, Tsukasas reactions are real, in which he himself is trapped, despite the few friends he has his psyche is pushed to the limits and he cannot bring himself to trust others later on in the show. Though the show takes a break from Tsukasa himself, the players interested in him for his well being (Mimiru, Bear, BT, Subaru, and Crim), all ponder on how to help him in his situation and more importantly how he is trapped in the game. In a sense despite the angsty and depressing air the show gives off, the viewers (or in my case) are hooked in to solve why Tsukasa is trapped. A mystery unfolds and slowly pieces of information begin to fit in place. The story is a bit vague for me, but more or less I remember that Tsukasa and this “Mystery” are intertwined together. If I could describe the genre of the show, it would be loosely around mystery and tear jerker; the characters each have an aspect that is real and us as viewers cannot help but love and follow these characters.


My most favorite characters are Mimiru, a heavy blade player who’s personality is an easily irritated girl who under her own “Tough Guise” wants to help and understand Tsukasa in her own way. My most favorite pairing for Tsukasa is Subaru, a cute girl who is disabled in real life, and plays in game to fill in for her disablity; Subaru is the first person that Tsukasa becomes attached to and the two both share a melancholic bond that form their trust. Bottom line is there are many characters that I would love to talk to but for the sake of expediency (and memory loss) I will talk about them in another post.

The world in .Hack//Sign is simply beautiful. The landscape around is much more interesting than your typical fantasy roleplaying game; the areas are brought to life with beautifully detailed land and the town Mac Anu gives off a busy but peaceful aura. The music fits in wonderfully with the characters, the fields, and the tragic moments that still give me awe (Hell I own one of the soundtracks). Art and music aside, the boice acting for the English dub is really well done (considering it was half assed back in that time). The dialogue is easy to pick up but not too boring that it would make one fall asleep. The strongest aspect of .Hack//Sign is its art, dialogue, and its depressing but strongly tied plot. Well that is all I guess. I shall pounce on this conquest as soon as I can, with 26 episodes and no laptop I will have to finish at my own pace. One thing is that I will not try to finish the entire show in one night (which made me depressed the last time I did, gave up on episode 5 and cried to sleep).

I wish you, my readers, will give me luck and I wish you all have a succesful week. Until next time “Live long and prosper” (yes I know Star Trek -.-) Before I go I would like to advertise someone I know who has done me a great service, my friend Skylo  is in need of some cheering up, so go watch her on DA if you can and tell her I sent you (no really, please do XD). Anyways, thank you for your time.

Still No Comp

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To start off my computer is still being fixed, I’m hoping the good ol fat man in red will fix it up soon… or I wait until christmas -.- So far my semi hiatus has not been great. Finding a job is still a pain and it makes one wonder what to do. So far the days go by a good long time and there is just not much to do. As for the .hack//Sign first post its still being worked on and edited a bit (my handwriting is quite baddddd) so I hopefully will have it up by next week. One thing I’d like to point out is that my views have really spiked this week .-. I mean really I am amazed. Normally I’d get 2-5 views a week but now its around 20 daily. I’m impressed that a lot of people are watching (sadly during my Hiatus). I wish I could give you more content but >.< I’m just so sad that I can’t without Layla to help me.

Oh yeah big things that have happened, June 14th I forgot my birthday… again… .-. My own mother gave me the call when I came to my friends place and congratulated me on becoming 20 years closer to death (no really, she did). I honestly was surprised by the call followed by a slight glum that I did not make plans for some sort of celebration. Instead when David arrived at my friend Santiago’s we managed to buy a large box of Rusty’s pizza and drink down some soda while playing Dead Space 2 and the occasional pokemon fandom (Santiago’s Feebas still won’t evolve XD).

On June 16 my own brother graduated high school. Yipee! The night before I stayed over at his place to hang out and update my desktop with as much anime to last me the whole 40 days and 40 nights should the entire Noah incident occured again >.0. basically he and I hung out, watched Half Baked before I played Dawn of War 2 (I missed mah Nids!) On the actual graduation I honestly fell asleep for 2 hours before the actual ceremony began and was overwhelmed that my own brother was graduating… followed by the air horn that so failed due to my cousin… blasted thing wasn’t put on right and failed XD When we met up with him I got him pretty good with the air horn and then left to go eat at a restaurant… Sadly to those who are vegetarians or love animals… I do believe that the meal my entire family (3 including myself) devoured most likely came from an entire cow with left overs to spare. damn… T.T

Now for the best news of all. I, along with several of my friends, are headng to Anime Expo in Los Angeles July1-4! This will not be my first con but it will be the first for anime! I am really stoked so much that I will be attending, and to make it even better the creator of Megatokyo will be there! >.< Gosh that guy is a genius for his Megatokyo series and I say that if you have the chance to meet him then go for it. Though of course throughout the whole days I will most likely visit the H-Section at the con and hunt down this figurine I had wanted for the past year. Hopefully I have luck finding it at the con .-. hopefully.

Well that seems to be all folks, I bid you farwell until the next time we meet. Do not fret I shall return and before you go here is something to remember me by. ^^

New Wallet .-.

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I don’t have much to post, hell I can’t watch anime that much and its really killing me. I’ve been so bored I actually am thinking about base jumping for the hell of it. When boredom sets in on me I’ll most likely go through with anything that comes into my head if left alone. It is becoming such a chore, but I have high hopes that my laptop will be fixed sometime sometime this month and I am way behind on not only anime but writing and blog posting. I’ve been putting off the .hack//Sign entry for sometime but it should be up before tuesday (my birthday).

On the bright side I managed to finish making my wallet. Made entirely out of black duct tape I feel I have accomplished something and am glad I made it with just my own two hands and intuition. Sure I see a major design flaw in it (mainly my ID being trapped >.>) but I still love it nontheless. Its gonna be a hassle getting that thing out. Well that is all I have for you, I am Edwin and I am here to remind you to never take any candy from strangers.

Progress Halted

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Due to recent issues that have arisen my memory lane anime conquest has been majorly halted. My main tool and friend, Layla, has finally crashed on me and will need to be repaired. I have no idea what the price will be to fix her up again but one thing for sure is that it won’t stop me from getting to my goal! I will watch every anime from my youth even if it means I have to rent them! I can only hope that the repair will make her good as new, and though I have safety measures for such an event these will surely run out if I do not have a new laptop up and running by the end of June. It truly is a mess and I am perhaps royally screwed, but I will persevere until the deadline.


My next conquest will be .Hack//Sign, an old anime that pretty much made up my youth and made me a .hack fan since the beginning of my blossoming youth. I won’t go too much into detail but I will have a written blog post sometime during the next few days. Those who follow me I am glad that in the short 2 months I started this that I have never felt much more alive since then. Even my high school graduation paled in comparison. I am glad that I can be called an Otaku without shame and this blog has helped me become more active and break off from my solitude.


That is all the news I have, until next time i will do my best to update what I can when I can and post new material. I will continue my anime and game rants/praises sometime soon but for now its back to good old paper. Till next time stay healthy and may all your dreams come true this summer!

Can I has Birfday?

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With my birthday just a week from now, I am overly excited about turning 20 and becoming much older. I may seem young but with my dads genetics I already have some slight gray hair and i’m overly stressed daily. Be it from the ever nagging landlady or the busy day of trying to obtain a part time job its all getting to me. So I guess I just want to sit down and just say my birthday is on June 14, whoopdeefuckingdoo! I say this not because people forget to remember it (that is partly true), but when the time comes even I will forget I had a birthday and just remembering around twelve at night just makes me feel like crap. SO todays resolution! To remember my birthday and get people to remember. How I do it I am not sure, but it will most likely be the basic and just yell it out or troll myself on DA about my birthday. I have no idea.

On the bright side its nice to know that my Challenge Ultimatum is still at a stand still. I have no idea what to watch but I guess it doesn’t matter seeing as I’ll go for one that I at least know. I’ll give it a few days before I decide on .Hack//Sign… I had hoped my viewers would be responsive but I guess it wasn’t. Well i’ll try again when I have more viewers, for now I’ll just focus on advertising this blog somehow. Until Next time stay gold and don’t let stress get to you.

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