A Wonderland for… the Dead? @-@

June 5, 2011 § Leave a comment

It has been a long time since I have posted anything new and with summer beginning my challenge seemed promising until I made plans with not only my family, but my friends as well. Not necessarily a bad thing seeing as I am mostly indoors or just aimlessly walk around, but it’s going to be a big downer. Anyways as for the next conquest I have no idea where to begin with. Should I watch Evangelion, Cowboy Bebop, or perhaps my all time favorite .Hack//Sign; so far I cannot decide so I will leave it up to my friends and the viewers to decide (so please on the comments post what you would like ^^).

On this fine animetastic day I introduce my opinion on the new series Deadman Wonderland! (click image above).  As the title says it is not your typical Wonderland with cute Alice running around; the background of the show is rather interesting, in which a powerful and contained earthquake destroyed Tokyo and sunk 3/4 of the city into the ocean. Seems rather to the point, or does it? Anyways the first episode starts off by introducing our main protagonist, Ganta Igarashi, who starts his day normally in school until a strange floating man in red kills off the entire class and leaves him alive to take the blame (sadfayse). With his trial rigged he is forcibly sent against his will to Deadman Wonderland, a private owned prison whose real purpose is later revealed in the series. Deadman Wonderland began as a manga published by Shonen Ace, written by Jinsei Kataoko and illustrated by Kazuma Kondou who illustrated and wrote the popular Eureka 7 series. Published in 2007, the manga gained significant popularity that Tokyopop bought the license to distribute the english graphic novel; a televised anime of Deadman Wonderland began April 2011 and has gained quite some momentum for one of the most interesting anime’s in 2011 (in my opinion).

The show is rather interesting as most of the characters are either insane inmates or gifted beings called Deadman who are put up in dog eat dog matches against their fellows. I will warn you that the show is very mature!!! From the first 5 minutes of the first episode the gory mess of Ganta’s classmates being slaughtered is depicted in all its glory (no censors). The only thing that the show has as far as censorship is the swearing in the game, in which they bleep out any outrageous swearing since it is televised. Okay with gore and swearing down another warning is that Deadman Wonderland is outrageous from beginning to end, with live penalty games risking the losing Deadman to have his eye or organs removed (though it is hinted and don’t show it, I will say not everyone is a screamer).

Now with all that said my opinion on this series is nothing short than awesome. I am not one to shy away from such abuse, in fact I love the gritty aspect the show gives off and it makes the viewers feel more hyped or intense to watch Ganta struggle to get his revenge or suffer when he is forced to fight his friends. The animation is superiorly done, and with so much detail to even the wall I even had trouble with my laptop overheating. I personally thank my friend David for making me read the manga, I love the series so much and am especially hyped to see the animation fulfill every one of my expectations. Like Eureka 7, Deadman Wonderland has given me a whole new experience with anime, one that rivals Higurashi’s blood spilling scenarios. The story is quite deep but easy to pick up and I highly say it is worth watching. Deadman Wonderland is in fact a Praise and I look forward to more Deadman on Deadman action (yes that sounds wrong XD). Until next time this is Edwin warning you to beware of men in red and to have a wonderful night.


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