New Wallet .-.

June 11, 2011 § Leave a comment

I don’t have much to post, hell I can’t watch anime that much and its really killing me. I’ve been so bored I actually am thinking about base jumping for the hell of it. When boredom sets in on me I’ll most likely go through with anything that comes into my head if left alone. It is becoming such a chore, but I have high hopes that my laptop will be fixed sometime sometime this month and I am way behind on not only anime but writing and blog posting. I’ve been putting off the .hack//Sign entry for sometime but it should be up before tuesday (my birthday).

On the bright side I managed to finish making my wallet. Made entirely out of black duct tape I feel I have accomplished something and am glad I made it with just my own two hands and intuition. Sure I see a major design flaw in it (mainly my ID being trapped >.>) but I still love it nontheless. Its gonna be a hassle getting that thing out. Well that is all I have for you, I am Edwin and I am here to remind you to never take any candy from strangers.


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