Still No Comp

June 18, 2011 § Leave a comment

To start off my computer is still being fixed, I’m hoping the good ol fat man in red will fix it up soon… or I wait until christmas -.- So far my semi hiatus has not been great. Finding a job is still a pain and it makes one wonder what to do. So far the days go by a good long time and there is just not much to do. As for the .hack//Sign first post its still being worked on and edited a bit (my handwriting is quite baddddd) so I hopefully will have it up by next week. One thing I’d like to point out is that my views have really spiked this week .-. I mean really I am amazed. Normally I’d get 2-5 views a week but now its around 20 daily. I’m impressed that a lot of people are watching (sadly during my Hiatus). I wish I could give you more content but >.< I’m just so sad that I can’t without Layla to help me.

Oh yeah big things that have happened, June 14th I forgot my birthday… again… .-. My own mother gave me the call when I came to my friends place and congratulated me on becoming 20 years closer to death (no really, she did). I honestly was surprised by the call followed by a slight glum that I did not make plans for some sort of celebration. Instead when David arrived at my friend Santiago’s we managed to buy a large box of Rusty’s pizza and drink down some soda while playing Dead Space 2 and the occasional pokemon fandom (Santiago’s Feebas still won’t evolve XD).

On June 16 my own brother graduated high school. Yipee! The night before I stayed over at his place to hang out and update my desktop with as much anime to last me the whole 40 days and 40 nights should the entire Noah incident occured again >.0. basically he and I hung out, watched Half Baked before I played Dawn of War 2 (I missed mah Nids!) On the actual graduation I honestly fell asleep for 2 hours before the actual ceremony began and was overwhelmed that my own brother was graduating… followed by the air horn that so failed due to my cousin… blasted thing wasn’t put on right and failed XD When we met up with him I got him pretty good with the air horn and then left to go eat at a restaurant… Sadly to those who are vegetarians or love animals… I do believe that the meal my entire family (3 including myself) devoured most likely came from an entire cow with left overs to spare. damn… T.T

Now for the best news of all. I, along with several of my friends, are headng to Anime Expo in Los Angeles July1-4! This will not be my first con but it will be the first for anime! I am really stoked so much that I will be attending, and to make it even better the creator of Megatokyo will be there! >.< Gosh that guy is a genius for his Megatokyo series and I say that if you have the chance to meet him then go for it. Though of course throughout the whole days I will most likely visit the H-Section at the con and hunt down this figurine I had wanted for the past year. Hopefully I have luck finding it at the con .-. hopefully.

Well that seems to be all folks, I bid you farwell until the next time we meet. Do not fret I shall return and before you go here is something to remember me by. ^^


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