Pre Anime Expo Jitters

June 30, 2011 § Leave a comment

Anime Expo is just a few days away and I am getting really nervous being on my own in a city I… actually despise for its traffic, humid climate, and the creepy pedestrians that try to give you religious pamphletes. The only thing that I know about Los Angeles is this small area that on every block there is bound to be some person selling hot dogs with bacon wrapped around the weiner .-. So much of Los Angeles is really new to me and I have to rely on my friends going to get us to the Convention Center Safely.

That isn’t to say that I’m a naive fool, I can get around in whatever new setting I’m placed, but the slight phobia of staying out late does get to me… >///< I know I’ll manage somehow if I’m in a group, but I don’t trust myself walking alone without getting lost @_@ Yeah laugh at me if you want, but I have a bad sense of direction when I’m in a new area, hell much of my hometown I haven’t explored yet!

Well just to make this short, I am really really nervous, fortunately for me the Con will make this entire journey worth it as I am hunting down several goodies that have repeatedly escaped my clutches on ebay. I also am Excited that I will get to meet Fred Gallagher and I wouldn’t be surprised if I manage to spaz out just because I shook his hand (no not really .-.). I honestly have mad respect for Fred, creator of Megatokyo. That guy is a genius among us Americans!

On the downside there is a horrible rumor that 90% of the retailers will not attend and set up shop in the convention at all, seeing as the shop fee charges them for every item they have. Sadly my hunting may go down but I’ll have to make do. Oh and for those going, please try to attend as many free concerts and anime screenings as possible, seeing as they are free you should check em out and try to not waste a lot of money buying stuff. For those also going, save yourself some money and bring your own lunch since the food in the con is overly priced. even the coke =.=

Well to finish things up during the duration of the con I will not work on any Conquest or anime posts until the con is over. I will however find time to hopefully blog about each day and the people I have met. This is an exciting day and I do hope my expectations are literally blown away. Until next time i do hope you all have a wonderful weekend and to those attending the expo to please click the image above for the Anime Expo video guide on youtube. See you next time and “May the Anime Goddess be with us!”


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