LOL’ing it up

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Lately as of early July, I have been playing League of Legends at my friends house. I made my account a few weeks ago and I love the game. This game has gotten so much of my attention that I cannot ignore blogging about it.

I will start out with how I got started with LOL. I went to go visit my friend Adam, for a laptop battery that was not arriving at all 😥 Luckily for me I had a blast staying over at his place for a few days playing League of Legends, though at first the learning curve was pretty big and I was confused on what to do. Eventually after a week I got better with a loveable iron golem called Blitzcrank, who is still my main champion to this day. It was such a thrill to get him stronger and grab little kids (mainly Annie and Teemo!) and bashing their face in with an iron fist (literally). I won some and lost some but nontheless I had fun playing.

To sum up what LOL is, its basically a free to play DoTA game that has its own universe revolving around characters. Each and every character has their own background and if one takes the time to read it all they learn a bit about the world of LOL. This game however has no story and mainly focuses on the insane amount of mouse clicking and hot key smashin. The games are set mainly on 3v3 (teams of 3 against another team) and 5v5 (same concept). The goal is to destroy the other players Nexus (their base) and win the game. doing this however is no easy goal as there are towers mounted on the map that block any advancement and in order to keep moving the players have to work to destroy the towers with their minions help and move forward. The other team will either stop your advance or do the same and this process is repeated. Sounds boring? I beg to differ. Each player plays as a Champion, each with unique skills and abilities to turn the tide of battle, and as time goes on they can buy items and upgrade weapons to dish out more damage, get more armor, or increase their health and vice versa.

There are many ways to play and not one game is alike. Each has its own twists and turns and is a test of wit and skill. If a player dies they respawn at their homebase, but this increases the danger as the enemy player that did the killing will get more money to spend. This game is not for all but I suggest you check it out and play. Its only for windows but there is a mac beta out there (somewhere) and I recommend this game highly. Today I plan on trying out a new character, Akali, an assassin. So who knows what will happen. until next time ^^ add IRTROLLIN on LOL


28 Days Later

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well its been obvioisly more than 28 days since my laptop died. but its been 28 days since I followed up on my anime and right now I feel totally screwed. I miss my anime and my conquest. Being offline just isn’t the same and I can’t watch dvd’s without my 360. All of it just blows and the most depressing thing is that I’ve had any chance of my laptop being restored again be taken away from me T.T

On the bright side these past 28 days I have assimilated to be more cultural. I’ve seen my friends from highschool and its been so much fun hanging with em >w< I’ve lost weight (more or less due to being hungry), and I’ve become more active in my fictional writing. My friend David and I are interested in making an Eroge title even though we have just a vague story idea on what we want @_@ no development yet. Losing my laptop has brought me inner peace.

There are many pros and cons since I lost Layla (might name her something else), and so far I miss my gaming and anime. But this month hasn’t been too bad. School is starting soon and I hope that i’ll be able to balance work and anime. It’ll be hectic but I will not stop trying to finish this up. I have set an impossible task before me and I shall complete it. Until next time

Todays Sanity Not In******

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Okay sorry for the bad Sanity Not Included joke >.> I miss that Machinima show.

Anyways this week has been semi horrible. I’ve been bored out of my mind, and I’ve picked clean every manga in the SB Public Library that I just can’t find anything at all to do. I still can’t get my friend to get me the damn photos of AX which I so need and want to post. I’m deciding on finishing up my AX day 3-4 post anyways without pictures and return to them later and add em in but as of late I just don’t know.

I’ve also been quite famished seeing as I’m low on money. So far my diet of coffee and toast has kept me alive but I honestly need something more. I have been having bad headaches and so on that if I collapse sometime this week it wouldn’t be that much of a shock. The stress of school coming around the corner is just making this much worse and my recently corrected and re-applied FAFSA will hopefully take some stress away the minute I go sign up for my classes monday. So this week has been hell.

On the bright side most of the stressful things have been taken care of and I’ll be able to relax a bit today. I’m heading out to eat with my friend David and perhaps do some research on a one shot story I want to write (or book… depends). I know today will be quite rewarding and how I’m surviving so much abuse to my body is beyond me. But anyways thats the news.

I’ll have my laptop up and running hopefully this week or next week, and i’ll catch up on my conquest challenge before the end of the year. I’ve set an impossible task of watching my childhood anime but I will manage to hopefully get at minimum half done by the end of the year (but I really want to go for the gold). I will do my best and for those who are following me I thank you. You are my bread and butter. Until next time stay away… from 4chan!


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Click To Hear "His" Misery (not the Pug though >.>)

So apparently my laptop battery got damaged and it was sent back. I got refunded but I mean come on. its really irritating to wait for something so essential; especially since most of my writing is locked up far from my reach inside its hard drive. I miss writing and most of all blogging about anime >.> Hell I haven’t caught up with my anime at all.

It really blows not having a laptop and sometimes I feel the sudden urge to explode. Well on the bright side I’ve gotten a tan and I lost a bit of weight, hell I went to anime expo (and didn’t want to leave >.>) Speaking of AX I shall post days 3-4 tomorrow. Until then I will have to wing it and wait until my battery comes in… again…

In the meantime entertain yourself with the video of my favorite amnesia freakout XD clock the pug!

Hiatus Almost Over

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Okay so I’ve been on and off WordPress for sometime and I am just getting on to let everyone know that I will be back really really soon. My laptop battery is almost in and i’ll finish talking about day 3-4 of Anime expo in one entry. Day 4 was somewhat slow and not so exciting so i’ll just mention it along with day 3 which was the climax of the trip.

Anyways I would like to say that its nice to update my blog. and hopefully i will go back and re-edit my Anime Expo entries with images of that day (if i’m lucky). The one i have doubts on is Zombie Aerith who… just scares the crap out of me >.<

As for .Hack//Sign i’m having trouble just watching it and not get distracted at my friends house so I’m just going to only watch it at home or something when my laptop comes in. That and just watching it brings me in a melancholic mood that can only be satiated by ice cream and a pillow and neither of those are at my friends house (without suffering consequences). But yeah after I plan on going for Evangelion of Cowboy Bebop. It depends.
Also an important update. I am adding Rurouni Kenshin, Card Capture Sakura, and Kanon to the anime conquest list T.T god damn it keeps getting bigger.


Well until next time stay gold and don’t cosplay as Hakan… ever!

Anime Expo Day 2

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Saturday morning was just splendid. For the first time in what seems to have been months, I had a real breakfast for the first time. Not just a slice of toast with a spread of butter, or even the liquid shake, it was a real hardy breakfast! I won’t go in too much detail but Saturday morning was simply delicious (even though I’m posting this a few days after >.>).

During the meal David and I planned out what we would do for that day and luckily for me and him we had tickets for Vic Mignogna… For those of you that know him he is a song writer, a voice actor, and an ecstatic guy; sadly for those who don’t know him do not feel alone for I too had no clue who he was. The line was short inside the Nokia theater, and after a short but still annoying security check, David and I made our way inside and waited for the concert to begin. When the concert began the crowd became excited when Vic came on stage singing a few songs before he sat down and played the piano a bit and flirted with every girl in the audience (quite the charismatic guy ^^). One of my favorite songs he played during the concert was “Soldier A”, a semi parody of every anime side character that just… well dies and isn’t important (Check the linkage!) and it really was just funny to see three girls be led upstage to just sing along with him ( I would have gone but I didn’t know the song ). After the song Vic being a fan of Fullmetal Alchemist, introduced us to his fanmade video “Fullmetal Fantasy” which had a few select voice actors cosplay and record themselves as their FMA characters! It was really interesting to watch and I cheered on after some time during the video.

After the concert David and I tried to make our way to the maid cafe event somewhere near the concourse hall, but were blocked off by yellow tape. It turned out that someone gave a call that there was a bomb in that area (which turned out to be hentai in a suitcase), so without much to do He and I sat down to watch Shuffle. Now for those of you who don’t know what Shuffle is, it is an anime based off a hit Eroge (Hentai Game) which was famous for every girl having the same face. “No really, the SAME FACE”! Anywho… The series is based around Rin Tsuchimi, a male who lives his ordinary life normally among his school mixed with humans, gods, and demon students alike. His life turns upside down when he is chosen by the king of All Gods and All Devils to become the suitor of their respected daughters; to make it even worse he also has to make a decision and put up with the abuse from envious males all around him. The first 3 episodes were played at video room 3 and it was really funny to watch the lead get so much abuse from the heroines fan group, even his best friend calls it Divine Judgement. The show has a lot of fan service but I still say that it isn’t for everyone.

Eventually David and I made our way to the exhibit hall again and this time I literally was the one spazzing out for seeing the ‘Only’ Space Marine cosplayer from Warhammer 40k. This guy I have made respect for, his entire armor was vacuum pressed and realistic and he was so bad ass that I had to take a picture with him >w< I’ll post it up sometime soon on this post.

Well aside from the space marine, David and I were shopping around until something had caught my eye. not far from me I could see a Nyan Cat cosplayer playing the Caramel Dancin song and directly behind him a line of random dancers followed him along. I like the dumbass I am, jumped into the line and followed behind, hands curling repeatedly to the beat as I danced from the exhibit hall, down to the west hall, and all the way to the concourse hall in five minutes before the line died down. My entire body was sore, dancing from such a long distance gave me and David (who got caught up because of me T.T) a good work out and we had to fight our way back to the exhibit hall (15 min of walking). Soon after I saw Fred Gallagher giving autographs out to his fans, but sadly I couldn’t get one that day because I wanted him to sign my book T.T

After all that we did nothing much but shop around before the exhibit hall closed and we were waiting outside to wait David’s dad to take us to the hotel. Bored as I was, we crowded around a small area and watched a few people free dance. After almost ten minutes David thought it would be funny to push me in and caught up in the center, just danced along. It wasn’t long before a few other girls and boys got caught up and just had fun (got to dance with three girls). Hell eventually these 2 pokemon trainer guys came to the center and pinned his fellow to the ground and rubbed baby oil on him (every girl and myself helped). It was a fun 40 min of entertainment and an excellent way to end Day 2 of Anime Expo. Here’s the link to the video

Anime Expo Day 1

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With the first day of anime expo coming to a close I would like to start out by talking about how amazing the first day was for me. I would start bytalking about my 4 day pass, seeing a loveable mudkip, the random chance encounters with friends and strangers, and how I blew $80.00 on manga and a figurine; I would however I regret to say that I must start from the beginning. It began a few hours after posting Pre Anime Expo Jitters, I was so excited and nervous about going to Los Angeles and the convention that I decided to take a relxing spirit walk to a local scenic spot in Santa Barbara (secret). During my walk I recieved a text from David saying that we were leaving with his dad at 6 p.m. in which I thought “Oh no we were going to miss the first day”. Luckily at 6 in the morn he gave me a text to get my butt off and I rushed to the meeting place (Safe).

I will say that Los Angeles was… hot!!! We arrived outside the convention center and parted to get tickets (David had his pre-ordered, I did not TT^TT). Lucky for  me it took me 5 minutes of baking in the hot sun before I entered the convention center while the preorder line took him a long time (an hour) to enter. The minute he came in he and I rushed to the Sola screening, took pictures of several cosplayers (pictures coming soon), and enter the exhibit hall early. The Exhibit Hall is a magical place for nerds, why is it magical you say? It had a knack to take your money. In less that an hour I bought four volumes of Dance in the Vampire Bund and an Angel Beats figurine (*hugs* >///<). The exhibit hall is truly nerds Utopia, from figurines to imported japanese gum (and the creepy salesman), anything any can almost be found within its walls. During this time we met many people and had spent several hours shopping that we quickly boogied out just to watch the main event (for the both of us), The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya.


Around 4 p.m. the main concourse hall was premiering the first English Dub of the Haruhi movie, something new to David and I. I had barely managed to save seats for he and his dad and shortly following a short Q&A event with the voice actors and a small event (the guy next to me won a signed Haruhi hardcover manga… still want to interview him on his feelings), the movie began. I will say that Kyon just talks and talks and talks… the english voices made it quite easy on me to watch the movie with a 6foot tall man in my way, what was trouble was the japanese written parts with english subtitles at the bottom; luckily people were kind enough to speak the subtitles out loud for others to hear. A funny moment *SPOILER ALERT* was when Kyon tried to convince the Mikuru of this parallel universe that she was a time traveler, and to prove it he told her about the star shaped mole on her breast (not good at all). My favorite scene was when Kyon had a panick attack with Yuki Nagato, shaking her up like a maniac and pinning her to the wall; after realizing that Nagato was under his thumb by accident a guy yelled out “YOU CAN DO IT!!!” at the top of his lungs, causing the entire audience to burst into laughter. Overall the movie was entertaining, even David’s dad who never watched the series loved it.

After the movie we called it quits, searched for a restaurant (almost everything was closed), got to the hotel and rested our aching muscles. The first day overall was amazing, but the next day would be even better ~.^ But that is for another day.

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