Anime Expo Day 1

July 2, 2011 § Leave a comment

With the first day of anime expo coming to a close I would like to start out by talking about how amazing the first day was for me. I would start bytalking about my 4 day pass, seeing a loveable mudkip, the random chance encounters with friends and strangers, and how I blew $80.00 on manga and a figurine; I would however I regret to say that I must start from the beginning. It began a few hours after posting Pre Anime Expo Jitters, I was so excited and nervous about going to Los Angeles and the convention that I decided to take a relxing spirit walk to a local scenic spot in Santa Barbara (secret). During my walk I recieved a text from David saying that we were leaving with his dad at 6 p.m. in which I thought “Oh no we were going to miss the first day”. Luckily at 6 in the morn he gave me a text to get my butt off and I rushed to the meeting place (Safe).

I will say that Los Angeles was… hot!!! We arrived outside the convention center and parted to get tickets (David had his pre-ordered, I did not TT^TT). Lucky for  me it took me 5 minutes of baking in the hot sun before I entered the convention center while the preorder line took him a long time (an hour) to enter. The minute he came in he and I rushed to the Sola screening, took pictures of several cosplayers (pictures coming soon), and enter the exhibit hall early. The Exhibit Hall is a magical place for nerds, why is it magical you say? It had a knack to take your money. In less that an hour I bought four volumes of Dance in the Vampire Bund and an Angel Beats figurine (*hugs* >///<). The exhibit hall is truly nerds Utopia, from figurines to imported japanese gum (and the creepy salesman), anything any can almost be found within its walls. During this time we met many people and had spent several hours shopping that we quickly boogied out just to watch the main event (for the both of us), The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya.


Around 4 p.m. the main concourse hall was premiering the first English Dub of the Haruhi movie, something new to David and I. I had barely managed to save seats for he and his dad and shortly following a short Q&A event with the voice actors and a small event (the guy next to me won a signed Haruhi hardcover manga… still want to interview him on his feelings), the movie began. I will say that Kyon just talks and talks and talks… the english voices made it quite easy on me to watch the movie with a 6foot tall man in my way, what was trouble was the japanese written parts with english subtitles at the bottom; luckily people were kind enough to speak the subtitles out loud for others to hear. A funny moment *SPOILER ALERT* was when Kyon tried to convince the Mikuru of this parallel universe that she was a time traveler, and to prove it he told her about the star shaped mole on her breast (not good at all). My favorite scene was when Kyon had a panick attack with Yuki Nagato, shaking her up like a maniac and pinning her to the wall; after realizing that Nagato was under his thumb by accident a guy yelled out “YOU CAN DO IT!!!” at the top of his lungs, causing the entire audience to burst into laughter. Overall the movie was entertaining, even David’s dad who never watched the series loved it.

After the movie we called it quits, searched for a restaurant (almost everything was closed), got to the hotel and rested our aching muscles. The first day overall was amazing, but the next day would be even better ~.^ But that is for another day.


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