Anime Expo Day 2

July 5, 2011 § Leave a comment

Saturday morning was just splendid. For the first time in what seems to have been months, I had a real breakfast for the first time. Not just a slice of toast with a spread of butter, or even the liquid shake, it was a real hardy breakfast! I won’t go in too much detail but Saturday morning was simply delicious (even though I’m posting this a few days after >.>).

During the meal David and I planned out what we would do for that day and luckily for me and him we had tickets for Vic Mignogna… For those of you that know him he is a song writer, a voice actor, and an ecstatic guy; sadly for those who don’t know him do not feel alone for I too had no clue who he was. The line was short inside the Nokia theater, and after a short but still annoying security check, David and I made our way inside and waited for the concert to begin. When the concert began the crowd became excited when Vic came on stage singing a few songs before he sat down and played the piano a bit and flirted with every girl in the audience (quite the charismatic guy ^^). One of my favorite songs he played during the concert was “Soldier A”, a semi parody of every anime side character that just… well dies and isn’t important (Check the linkage!) and it really was just funny to see three girls be led upstage to just sing along with him ( I would have gone but I didn’t know the song ). After the song Vic being a fan of Fullmetal Alchemist, introduced us to his fanmade video “Fullmetal Fantasy” which had a few select voice actors cosplay and record themselves as their FMA characters! It was really interesting to watch and I cheered on after some time during the video.

After the concert David and I tried to make our way to the maid cafe event somewhere near the concourse hall, but were blocked off by yellow tape. It turned out that someone gave a call that there was a bomb in that area (which turned out to be hentai in a suitcase), so without much to do He and I sat down to watch Shuffle. Now for those of you who don’t know what Shuffle is, it is an anime based off a hit Eroge (Hentai Game) which was famous for every girl having the same face. “No really, the SAME FACE”! Anywho… The series is based around Rin Tsuchimi, a male who lives his ordinary life normally among his school mixed with humans, gods, and demon students alike. His life turns upside down when he is chosen by the king of All Gods and All Devils to become the suitor of their respected daughters; to make it even worse he also has to make a decision and put up with the abuse from envious males all around him. The first 3 episodes were played at video room 3 and it was really funny to watch the lead get so much abuse from the heroines fan group, even his best friend calls it Divine Judgement. The show has a lot of fan service but I still say that it isn’t for everyone.

Eventually David and I made our way to the exhibit hall again and this time I literally was the one spazzing out for seeing the ‘Only’ Space Marine cosplayer from Warhammer 40k. This guy I have made respect for, his entire armor was vacuum pressed and realistic and he was so bad ass that I had to take a picture with him >w< I’ll post it up sometime soon on this post.

Well aside from the space marine, David and I were shopping around until something had caught my eye. not far from me I could see a Nyan Cat cosplayer playing the Caramel Dancin song and directly behind him a line of random dancers followed him along. I like the dumbass I am, jumped into the line and followed behind, hands curling repeatedly to the beat as I danced from the exhibit hall, down to the west hall, and all the way to the concourse hall in five minutes before the line died down. My entire body was sore, dancing from such a long distance gave me and David (who got caught up because of me T.T) a good work out and we had to fight our way back to the exhibit hall (15 min of walking). Soon after I saw Fred Gallagher giving autographs out to his fans, but sadly I couldn’t get one that day because I wanted him to sign my book T.T

After all that we did nothing much but shop around before the exhibit hall closed and we were waiting outside to wait David’s dad to take us to the hotel. Bored as I was, we crowded around a small area and watched a few people free dance. After almost ten minutes David thought it would be funny to push me in and caught up in the center, just danced along. It wasn’t long before a few other girls and boys got caught up and just had fun (got to dance with three girls). Hell eventually these 2 pokemon trainer guys came to the center and pinned his fellow to the ground and rubbed baby oil on him (every girl and myself helped). It was a fun 40 min of entertainment and an excellent way to end Day 2 of Anime Expo. Here’s the link to the video


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