Hiatus Almost Over

July 17, 2011 § Leave a comment

Okay so I’ve been on and off WordPress for sometime and I am just getting on to let everyone know that I will be back really really soon. My laptop battery is almost in and i’ll finish talking about day 3-4 of Anime expo in one entry. Day 4 was somewhat slow and not so exciting so i’ll just mention it along with day 3 which was the climax of the trip.

Anyways I would like to say that its nice to update my blog. and hopefully i will go back and re-edit my Anime Expo entries with images of that day (if i’m lucky). The one i have doubts on is Zombie Aerith who… just scares the crap out of me >.<

As for .Hack//Sign i’m having trouble just watching it and not get distracted at my friends house so I’m just going to only watch it at home or something when my laptop comes in. That and just watching it brings me in a melancholic mood that can only be satiated by ice cream and a pillow and neither of those are at my friends house (without suffering consequences). But yeah after I plan on going for Evangelion of Cowboy Bebop. It depends.
Also an important update. I am adding Rurouni Kenshin, Card Capture Sakura, and Kanon to the anime conquest list T.T god damn it keeps getting bigger.


Well until next time stay gold and don’t cosplay as Hakan… ever!


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