28 Days Later

July 29, 2011 § Leave a comment

well its been obvioisly more than 28 days since my laptop died. but its been 28 days since I followed up on my anime and right now I feel totally screwed. I miss my anime and my conquest. Being offline just isn’t the same and I can’t watch dvd’s without my 360. All of it just blows and the most depressing thing is that I’ve had any chance of my laptop being restored again be taken away from me T.T

On the bright side these past 28 days I have assimilated to be more cultural. I’ve seen my friends from highschool and its been so much fun hanging with em >w< I’ve lost weight (more or less due to being hungry), and I’ve become more active in my fictional writing. My friend David and I are interested in making an Eroge title even though we have just a vague story idea on what we want @_@ no development yet. Losing my laptop has brought me inner peace.

There are many pros and cons since I lost Layla (might name her something else), and so far I miss my gaming and anime. But this month hasn’t been too bad. School is starting soon and I hope that i’ll be able to balance work and anime. It’ll be hectic but I will not stop trying to finish this up. I have set an impossible task before me and I shall complete it. Until next time


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