LOL’ing it up

July 31, 2011 § Leave a comment

Lately as of early July, I have been playing League of Legends at my friends house. I made my account a few weeks ago and I love the game. This game has gotten so much of my attention that I cannot ignore blogging about it.

I will start out with how I got started with LOL. I went to go visit my friend Adam, for a laptop battery that was not arriving at all đŸ˜¥ Luckily for me I had a blast staying over at his place for a few days playing League of Legends, though at first the learning curve was pretty big and I was confused on what to do. Eventually after a week I got better with a loveable iron golem called Blitzcrank, who is still my main champion to this day. It was such a thrill to get him stronger and grab little kids (mainly Annie and Teemo!) and bashing their face in with an iron fist (literally). I won some and lost some but nontheless I had fun playing.

To sum up what LOL is, its basically a free to play DoTA game that has its own universe revolving around characters. Each and every character has their own background and if one takes the time to read it all they learn a bit about the world of LOL. This game however has no story and mainly focuses on the insane amount of mouse clicking and hot key smashin. The games are set mainly on 3v3 (teams of 3 against another team) and 5v5 (same concept). The goal is to destroy the other players Nexus (their base) and win the game. doing this however is no easy goal as there are towers mounted on the map that block any advancement and in order to keep moving the players have to work to destroy the towers with their minions help and move forward. The other team will either stop your advance or do the same and this process is repeated. Sounds boring? I beg to differ. Each player plays as a Champion, each with unique skills and abilities to turn the tide of battle, and as time goes on they can buy items and upgrade weapons to dish out more damage, get more armor, or increase their health and vice versa.

There are many ways to play and not one game is alike. Each has its own twists and turns and is a test of wit and skill. If a player dies they respawn at their homebase, but this increases the danger as the enemy player that did the killing will get more money to spend. This game is not for all but I suggest you check it out and play. Its only for windows but there is a mac beta out there (somewhere) and I recommend this game highly. Today I plan on trying out a new character, Akali, an assassin. So who knows what will happen. until next time ^^ add IRTROLLIN on LOL


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