Ditch the Body! A Mitsudomoe Rant/Praise

August 4, 2011 § Leave a comment

So with my busy week coming to a close (soon hopefully) and my laptop coming soon this week or next, I have decided to watch .Hack//Sign on dvd at my friends… but I have not finished it therefor it is not relevent (psych!). I will however indulge you into the rabbit hole of anime fandom and talk about a lovely anime called “Mitsudomoe”

Mitsudomoe is the incarnation anime fandom about 3 little girls called the Marui triplets (from eldest to youngest), Mitsuba, Futaba, and Hitoha. The anime starts out with Satoshi Yabe, a new teacher coming to teach a 6th grade class, happy and giddy over his first job his expectation is later crushed by his class and these 3 sisters who give him everlasting problems. The class is one of the worst in the school and its up to Yabe sensei to teach this class of below average students. Though this class has its issue the entire show is a comedy with no real plot, that however does not make it enjoyable.

The art is well done aside from the characters (which makes me cringe). The kids have baby faces and the adults have… baby faces as well >.0. I mean its kinda creepy to try to enjoy the show and I get flashbacks to Lucky Star (which makes me feel like a pedophile every time i try to sit down and watch). I mean really it is uncomfortable for those who aren’t used to loli art styles but you’ll get over it eventually.

The show however makes up for all the cons with many pervertive puns and innuendos. Think of it as a show full of dick jokes told by kids who don’t understand the joke? Its just funny to watch their minds squirm at the thought and cause trouble for the adults in the show. My favorite moment in Mitsudomoe **SPOILER ALERT** is where they have an earthquake drill and Yabe-Sensei gets the attention of the class by being enthusiastic about the drill and shaking his desk side to side vigorously without knowing that little Hitoha is under the desk and is Knocked Out in the process; as for what happens after its a must watch.

The characters are funny as well. Yabe Sensei is your typical Otaku (nerd) who still loves a power rangers knockoff called Gachi Rangers. Hitoha who is my favorite character, reads porn mags in her class and loves Gachi rangers… thing is when she’s mad she has a grudge-esque air to her that scares others into submission. And if you’ve played Street Fighter Futaba reminds you of a kiddy version of Ryu, an Athletic nut with bear like strength (and an obsession for boobs). There is also a character named Saito who is super popular with the girls but hates his popularity; its funny watching him get into odd predicaments and be called a pervert. This anime has everything a comedy should have and really is funny and interesting to watch.

To close this off Mitsudomoe may be difficult to watch but with all the parody’s and jokes it makes its well worth the time to sit down and watch. Feeling down is never a problem when you can laugh at the characters. I wholly recommend this anime to anyone who would take the time to watch it.

Now before you go here is Hitoha and her grudge face!


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