It’s Alive!!!

August 6, 2011 § Leave a comment

My laptop battery has arrived a few days ago and I must say I am proud that I got it. Sadly I messed my laptop up a bit by having me and my friend Adam, open my poor Layla open, stripping her of her plastic cover and revealing her oh so naked mother board in an attempt to clean out the fan a bit (yes I made that face XD Right…>.0). It not only was an annoying surgical bother of unscrewing her open and saving each screw in a baggie, it was difficult trying to reach the damn fan. After a bit of struggle we made the realization that I only have one fan .-. So hot that it brought flashbacks of my loins cooking under long hours of surfing the web, even the keyboard was hot that it made my fingers sweat, and all because I only had one fan to keep Layla from overheating in Heater Fever (Not to be confused with Beiber Fever).

Anyways, my laptop is back but she has gotten a bit messed up in the head with amnesia. My stuff is still there, but I cant get wifi to work and there are some screws missing. Not wanting to risk having her malfunction I plan on getting her fixed up at my city college, get some screws replaced, fix the wifi, buy Windows 7, and a new antivirus software and all hopefully for under 200-300 dollars minimum .-. Good luck for me… I do however plan on getting a new laptop and ressurect my Layla into a new body and l33t her up with my cu5tomiz4tion5. She will be beautiful sometime in the following year before anime expo.

The bad news is that I won’t use my laptop and my hiatus is still going for my Anime Conquest (even though I’m watching .Hack//Sign). The good news is all my eroge I have installed and the copious amounts of anime fandom is still safe and sound in my beautiful Nexus of a laptop hard drive. I will hopefully back these up onto my desktop and finish my torrents but until then you all will have to wait… until then settle for Hitoha’s “Rape Face” Bye Bye Byi! ❤


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