Fate Stay/Overload

August 17, 2011 § Leave a comment

Its been a while since I’ve last posted anything. one would assume that with my laptop up and running I would be able to post some anime related rant/praises or my Conquest yet I’ve been a bit negligent over this pet project. For the past few days I’ve been attempting to get a precious voice patch for a recent game that every otaku should jump on when they have a chance. Many of those out there remember the anime Fate Stay/Night but not many know that originally it was a pc game and PS2 fighter. Thanks to the contribution of my friend I have finally a completed voice patch and I can play the entire game with voices on @_@

So far from just playing this alone it seems like just clicking, but being a veteran of many sim games (mostly eroge) I am not really surprised nor disappointed. I am however thrown off by Saber’s talking voice and am in Euphoria for the first time just hearing the voice patch work! It took only half an hour to get the game installed and changed to english text, but to get the voice patch it took many days to find and when I did I had to download nonstop on low (cause of my friends) for 5 freaking days and when that finished I updated the Fate game and installed the voice program (which took 15 hours!!!). I’m irritated after that long, but Sabers calm cool voice as she asked if I was her master made my entire rage go away and I got enthralled in the story so far. I didn’t make it far… probably 5 minutes into it, but so far its a delightful game ^^

I will most likely balance out gaming and anime, I have to finish .Hack//Sign and therefor I can’t multitask a game and anime, but for now while I’m home or at the public library where internet might as well be a deadzone I’ll mess around with it. Until then, good luck and may fortune smile upon you!


**Update** I have decided that I will do a Fate Stay Night Conquest in the following weeks so be sure to follow me every step of the way. I wish I could record myself playing this game but I don’t know. I’ll decide if I want to put the effort in recording and post this up on my facebook or something and have a link on here. .-. It’ll all be so much fun once I get down to it. Who knows~


Click out for amv (not mine though)


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