Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica First Impressions

August 26, 2011 § Leave a comment

Throughout my long otaku life there have been too many magical girl series that just really irritated me or confused me. Sailor moon I still do not grasp aside that they fought evil (the english dub still makes me laugh, there is also Precure which I only know from a deviant artist I follow; today all that changes as I watch Madoka Magica thanks to the help of my friend Cindaquil ❤ Beforehand I have heard good things about Madoka from Cindy, the girls each having their own issues and the story is a dark tale of girls risking their lives fighting witches for their wish (seems magical girl like), and then she tells me that some characters die o.O Magical Girls are Kill-able?

Bored out of my mind and with so much anime to catch up I got bored and started on an anime that I thought “Pretty wands and little girls” and I click the first episode of Madoka Magica. The first 5 minutes I am immediately in awe as I see a girl running in a place that quite resembles Alice in Wonderland with more acid and intensity, I was impressed with the art and detail of such a warped world, but not amazed. Going on longer I immediately get hooked when Kalafina plays and a lone magical girl is fighting a large unknown force while the powerless Madoka watches. I’m thinking “Shit this place is fucked up.” and for good reason, the buildings are floating and being thrown like poltergeist items and thrashing around this girl. At this point i’m amazed and entertained… until Madoka talks to /人◕ ‿‿ ◕人\ Kyubei the magical creature in which she is asked to form a contract in which she awakens from her dream. The Opening was… a kill joy for me since it sounded like any average magical girl anime with JPop and what not. I have known that implied nudity was normal in magical girls animes but Madoka still surprised me with a random lesbian implied touching XD The reason I continued watching it was the magical transformation in the opening (LESBIAN PORN!). Wrong was I to think that! but it kept me watching and thats what counts. So I continued on and I managed to find a heart for this series. Right now I’m on episode 3 if Madoka and I wish I wasn’t so picky and just got on this gravy train. The story is interesting, the combat against the deformities of witches is superb, and the art style is simply cute >w<

I’ve seen the fanart, now I’m watching the anime. I have much more anime to watch and my life to balance out but I will find a way! Until next we meet I will like to point out and say… How many guns can Mami fit under her skirt?


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