Gaming Rant/Praise: DeIz

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Okay for those who are veterans of Deviantart for more than 3 years you have most likely heard or seen Mikeinel’s art in some way or form. For those who know who I am talking about you have most likely played his finished game DeIz or stalk his deviantart for every post. I for one wasn’t one of those people, hell today was the first I found out about him, but I have seen several bits and pieces of his art and when I caught wind of a free indie game I decided to check it out.

For starters, DeIz is  short indie visual novel about Ceil, a high school boy who has been infatuated with a female independent director that attends her school for 3 years. The story is mainly his struggle to snag the love of his life but of course other routes are available and each one have a flavor of variety that not many games (that I played) can give. Every choice and route I took and I managed to beat the entire game in 6 hours (after struggling) and I always demanded there be more; sadly that isn’t going to happen so all I’m left is a small hole and memorable events and a whole lot of CG’s (quite interesting I might add).

My first thoughts on the game was quite ruined the first time. I felt the story was lacking in the first five minutes and the names were ridiculously hard to pronounce. Of course this won’t stop me from finishing it and I had nothing else to do this Saturday. Pushing forward DeIz grew on me like a small adorable puppy on Christmas day. Surely enough I wanted more and I felt a bit of pained when I got a dead end route. My usual save and load wasn’t going to work seeing as I had many choices so when I got one route done or a dead end I started all the way from the beginning (an arduous task). Anyways, the game starts out with Ceil watching a film by none other than his long crush (Iris). It is pointed out that Ceil worked with Iris on the set of her first film and from that point he was infatuated with her, though being chicken shit as he is he kept the prop ring from that movie as a memento of her.

We are introduced to our first characters, Chamoisee and Cerise, both close friends of Ceil. Chamoisee is Ceil’s energetic male friend who has an obsession with video games like Ceil. Both Ceil and Charmie understand each other on a guy level and the two are great buds. Cerise is Ciel’s female friend who has a secret crush on our main character (big surprise), but their relationship seems typically on a friend level (mainly where Ceil is oblivious). Basically after the three get together and talk is when the decision making counts and depending on what you decide it will affect the story so I won’t go into details about that. I however love the trio as they each are unique but together are quite the formidable comedy duo!

So my praise on this is the character development. Surely the game is short but the characters are each unique and well drawn with their own quirks and personality and meeting more characters really made it fun; and with so many endings it was worthwhile to find different ways to end the game and have fun. Another great great plus was the internet and anime references in the game. From Black Rock Shooters to Caramel Dansen and even Portal 2, Mikeinel put his soul into adding as much of himself as possible. Black Rock Shooter became Black Stone Slasher and even Gurren Lagann became Gullen Raggan. It really made the game that much more entertaining to continue through and to find these random things was a reward in itself.

My favorite character was perhaps Cerise and her special circumstances that I won’t mention at all, but she however is close to Ceil up until an event that distances her from Ceil and Chamoisee. I was curious as to what was wrong after they make a hint to her “circumstance” and I attempted to follow through, sadly more than once to get it right but when I did I felt accomplished not because I completed the route I wanted but because I got attached to the characters in such a short time. DeIz does a great job getting the player attached to the characters or at least curious to find out. Cerise and Ceil really do make a great pair so much so that I can barely contain the spoilers revealed in this post.

Of course Cerise isn’t the only character in this game (will not reveal) that has a role. Almost all the characters have a role to fulfill… all except one… We come to my mysterious girl only dubbed “Her” by the creator himself.

Only known as the “Black Haired Girl” or “Her”, this character is by far the most unique one of them all as the player interacts with her on several occasions. I will reveal that her role is a sad one, one that makes me curse Mikeinel to suffer for! For the sake of this blog I shall simply name Black Haired Girl “Her” (as her original role was to kill the main character). Her’s role however changes and her role may be minor but she however made a big impact to me as being one of the most unique characters in DeIz. Her and Ceil meet on occasions throughout the game and when Ceil is down in the dumps about his one sided love situation she shows up and tells him that “He doesn’t belong here.” Huh… Doesn’t belong… What could it possible mean? At first I neglected her and payed no attention to it, but because I was playing blind I accidentally got her ending in which Ceil chases after her and she runs off to speak with him in private. At first I assumed Her was Ceil’s stalker and I foresaw a murder suicide but my expectation was way off as Her confronts not Ceil but the player that she isn’t real. That’s right, for the first time in my life I had been questioned by an in game character ranting about how she was fake and that her only role was having the knowledge of being a false person with false love scripted by the creator. Her role was simply a joke by the creator but to me her role was a sad one indeed that it was true; the love in the game was merely scripted and even she could not bask in it either since she was aware. It really hurt watching her breakdown as Ceil awkwardly comforted her in a confused manner while I the player simply was left speechless.

My biggest issue is perhaps “Her” which I already ranted about. My second issue with the game which i was disappointed in was that there was no sound. No voices, no music, no FX. Just pictures and texts. Surely the game was still a hit but I would have really enjoyed voices to give the characters more depth. With all those aside I don’t really have anything else to complain about. I’m not reviewer, and if I was my only review score would be Play it or Don’t, but surely this game deserves to be played and all this is purely my opinion and nothing more.

DeIz for another word is simply a game made by a Deviantart member who simply rushed something that could be more, but what he showed the world was simply a game that made me attached to the characters and story much faster than any other game itself. I for one don’t plan on getting rid of this game anytime soon and I will definitely spread the word on this game to those who read this. Mikeinel you have a fan for life, but I honestly do despise you for “Her” route, but nontheless you are a genius and I hope more from you. Without further ado I gift you with fanservice and the link to download the game (click the image for the link). I’m Edwin Vega and I’m here to say that it’s a trap! (you’ll know when you do).


A Declaration of War!!!

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With the rise views of my blog I feel a great sense of pride that many are reading my stuff and I would like to thank those who take the time to read my blogs. I would also like to say that I would hope that people comment more and so on but I guess I can’t ask much seeing that I’m still new at this.

This is an update so I would like to say that I have created a new blog for otaku adult entertainment. So basically Hentai anime&manga, and Eroge (H-Games) that I will speak my mind about. I would like to say “Woah why Hentai bro? What’s wrong with this blog?”. I’ll tell you whats wrong. I love this blog, but I do however wish to talk about a wider spectrum of things that I kind of don’t want to post here. Sure adult entertainment, taboo, yet I will only be talking about them and I shall not post any graphic images or videos and such, this will be strictly my opinion. The closest thing to fanservice as anyone will get will be light material such as anime girls in bikinis and what not (so do not fret). It will be strictly for that and I shall update both to my leisure.

I also want to enforce a policy I want to go into effect for both blogs. I WILL ACCEPT REQUESTS! Give me a comment or send me an email and I will watch and give my opinion on anything you would like me to talk about. This will leave no rock overturned and it shall help me make a new segment I shall call “Viewers Conquest” which shall take in effect January 1st 2012. I will personally leap through hoops (metaphorically speaking) as I make a race to watch the requested anime in less than a week and write my thoughts on it! So viewers be proactive and start sending me “YOUR” requests! However any hentai mentioned will be immediately taken and posted only in the erogamers galore so if it isn’t posted here then it might be there.

I thank you for reading this and I hope to hear from my viewers. Remember to comment or email me at Until next time here… is something for the fans.

by tonee89


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As of late I’ve been more bored and bored as class just piles up and my only saving grace is when I hang out with my friends and distract myself of the ever looming doom that was college life. As depressing as this post seems I admit that things have rather looked up for me. Anime expo is 9 months away, I’ve gotten into Disgaea 4 when I go to my friends house, and I have bonded more socially. Its not as hopeful as I had once hoped but honestly I stopped caring in my expectations long ago.

For most Otaku’s almost everyone will know what Type Moon is and religiously play its games, media, and soundtracks. In my earnest opinion I honestly believe that you are not a real otaku unless you have played or watched one thing by Type Moon. Today that feeling of fond memories flood back to me as I watched Type Moon’s new project, Carnival Phantasm… and I am immediately sucker punched by sheer randomness that I could only explain as dating your girlfriend for four years and finding out that she has a penis. Yes I think that sums up my entire feeling of Carnival Phantasm. I loved Type Moon for its well tailored storytelling and characters and with Carnival Phantasm I felt my brain literally process something unfathomable.

As negative as that concept was I slowly continued on and near the end I ended up enjoying the show. Carnival Phantasm is a parody of all of Type Moons earlier projects, from Melty Blood to Fate Stay Night (no real sign of Kara no Kyoukai), and the real beauty of this show is the well balanced mixture of detailed art and pure nautical randomness that blows Spongebob out of the water. Carnival Phantasm may not be much of what I expected from Type Moon, but as a fan I can appreciate anything they make since they love they’re fan base.

To get to the point, Episode 4 there is a voting segment in which the last episode of Carnival Phantasm will be decided by the viewers via twitter. So basically going to will take you to decide one of the two possible endings. In a nutshell one is an ending where the main characters go for the main heroines, the second is where they go out with every girl they promised to go out with on the same day! As sweet as I want an ending… I am such a sadistic jerk and I voted for the bad ending for the lulz! I am spreading the word so that others may join in. in the mean time I shall wait since the votes end September 19th. So go vote, every vote counts! Until next time. Support the Afterschool Alleyway Alliance! (also please check out my newest story on DeviantArt)

AX Day 3-4

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It has become clear to me that I will not get the images anytime soon. So without further care I shall submit my last anime expo post for day 3-4 without pictures. Hopefully next year we’ll use a camera -.-

This morning I was awoken by my cellphone around 6 in the morning. No longer able to fall asleep I managed to get dressed and head down to get breakfast. David was the last to wake up and after some planning he and I left for the convention around 9:30. What should have been a clear ride turned a bit chaotic as the GPS we relied on began to fail on us (passed the convention 3x); it took us thirty minutes to get off the freeway and onto a good street to the convention and by that time David and I were late for the Fred Gallagher Q&A (managed to make it only 5 min late).

Sitting down, Gallagher talked about himself and his series Megatokyo before the fan Q&A began, and throughout that time his son Jack kept running up and down the stage. Standing in line for the Q&A, I felt my knees shake as I thought in my head what I wanted to ask Fred, and I was a nervous wreck that I felt like backing out @_@ (almost did) before I mustered the cojones and spoke in the mic. I asked Fred and in quotes “If there are other voice actors aside from Hayasaka san, who will be introduced in the series; also if the game Sight will be completed”. Before he could answer me, Jack ran up to his dad, crawled on the chair beside him and told the entire audience he had to go to the bathroom. This made the audience, and myself, laugh and make Fred feel out-staged if only slightly. As for the answer to my question, I got a vague response that he will introduce the other voice actors and wouldn’t reveal the fate of “Sight” >w<

Immediately after David and I booked it out of the Q&A to watch the K-On screening, english dubbed. Normally I would prefer the Japanese dub over the butchering of English voice actors but this time I was rather impressed. The acting was amazing, all the love I had for the show still remained and nothing was edited out. I laughed so hard when Yui tried to study for her test but instead played with her guitar (my abs were screaming in pain T.T).

After the K-On show, David and I decided to spend a bit of time in the exhibit hall. I was interested in the Autograph panel in which Fred Gallagher would show up (I really wanted my Megatokyo Vol 6 to be signed). I waited in line but could not manage to get an autograph as it moved really sluggishly slow that I had to get going to the K-On concert at the concourse hall (all the way at the end of the convention center).

For a small mini concert a lot of people showed up. so much that the line almost stretched out! David and I were separated that I had to be seated in the middle row away from him; though when the concert began I didn’t care at all about him and just lost myself in the concert. It was unbelievably amazing that so many people came to see five girls pretend to play their instruments but were isntead singing live, and I among them cheered on >w< Hell I got up on my chair and yelled out “I love you Azunyan!” out loud, and many others soon after followed my example and yelled out their K-On favorites <3. For a half hour show every guy was sweating from the crazed fist pumping and screaming and singing along (my first “Real” concert experience) Click on the video link to see the concert. David and I regrouped after and we left to get something to eat.

Heading back to the convention later that night, David and I went to the Nokia Theater, went through the scanners and security, and then sat down for the final concert of that day, the Masquerade. It was a but of cosplayers doing short skits and hosted by the DBZ narrator and an asian guy I never met. The skits were short and somewhat interesting to watch, but the real deal was the award show in which many cosplayers got a good bag filled with a bunch of items. The real cherry on top was watching the grand prize winners not only get the bag’o swag, but get a briefcase filled with $10 grand! Ten freaking grand! After the show we left to rest up for the final day tomorrow.

The final day of anime expo was not as easy as I had originally thought. A lot of people left but it was still as crowded, and I still had to get my autograph from Fred Gallagher. I waited until 10 to get inside the exhibit hall and speed walked my way into the autograph line in which I obliviously got in the wrong line. The line I got in was the Last Exile line, in which after I got out I got a poster signed by the creators and artists of the show. I made my way to the Gallagher line and this time luckily got him to sign my book (and give me a sketch card of Miho Tohya!).

After that David and I looked around, bought more swag, took pictures of cosplayers, and left for home. Our Anime Expo field trip was over and I’d have to wait until next year.

Double Trouble: Shiki Anime and +1K

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RARARA!!! I’ve gotten over 1000 views in my blog. sure its not amazing, but i’ve honestly feel that blogging has become more and more of my thing the longer I keep going. Surely class has gotten in the way and I plan on trying to work again but nothing shall stop me from doing this hobby of mine. I would insert an Its over 9000 joke but sadly I have about 7900 more to go before I can say that.

First off I would like to celebrate by talking about an anime I finally sank my fangs in (vampire pun). Now I know that vampires have become so butchered to the point of decreased popularity. I will say that it did not begin with Twilight, Vampires in general have become slightly boring, for example “Interview with a Vampire” was one such movie that showed vampire society, giving the audience a side of vampires that would normally not be seen by others; the idea was pure genius as it is told by Louis, a living vampire and his tragic tale of love, loss, and above all eternity. This was genius, but it paved the way to a less scary vampire subgenre. Originally vampires were fearful things, monsters of darkness that killed mercilessly without hesitation that terrorized its prey; the reason they are scary is that they embody all that is human fear, this concept was weakened as things got on. Normally I don’t rant about things, but I will say that vampires now… just plain suck (no pun intended). Twilight “was” the final nail that killed vampires for me and I regret watching it 7x (7 dates that wanted to see it). Vampires however have once again returned to my heart with Shiki and its dark tale. This blog will be a bit longer than normal, but please work with me as I try to explain what made me love this series.

Shiki is a Japanese horror novel by Fuyumi Ono, a novelist famous for her “The Twelve Kingdoms” series. Shiki was written in 1998 and was later reprinted in 2002 before a manga adaptation occured 5 years later and finally the Anime adaptation 2010. As I mentioned before, Shiki is a vampire series, but its nothing like those girls animes or shows like now, Shiki adapts traditional vampiric lore and uses that to strengthen the fear that has been lacking in vampires for over a decade. The story takes place on a hot summer day in Sotoba during the 90’s; during which a new family (the Kirishiki’s) move in a newly built mansion overlooking the entire village. Mysteriously villagers start to die one by one and the local doctor suspects an epidemic is upon them; yet as he and 15 year old Natsuno Yuuki investigate they realize that it isn’t a disease that is killing them but the undead.

Undead right? Who didn’t see that coming, it is a horror about vampires. As I continued on I got hooked right away as Shimizu Megumi is killed at the beginning of the episode and explain the events of her one sided love for Natsuno and the events leading to her demise days later. From then on a spiral of chaos occurs as the “disease” spreads, Doctor Toshio Ozaki painstakingly does his best to save any villagers he can but the exact cause to him is a mystery. After Megumi’s death, Yuuki awakens to feel an ominous presence outside his room; after a few episodes he deduces that his stalker Megumi is alive.

Not to spoil too much of the story but my opinion of the show is completely wicked. A chilling story of misfortune as vampires (dubbed Shiki or Risen) slowly increase their numbers and feed off the living. Even after Yuuki and Ozaki find out they are helpless to do anything to stop them as the entire village would deny their accusations, all the while more and more villagers die with a small number rising to become Shiki. During the story things heat up as Ozaki takes the initiative and attempts to do what he can to stop the Shiki by any means possible.

Okay so vampires and plotwise the story is good, but what I enjoyed the most while watching the series was not only the Junior Priest Seishin Muroi but Sunako Kirishiki (Loli vampire). I have mentioned before I love lolita’s to a certain extent so it gets a plus from me. During the entire series Sunako (a fan of the young priests novels) befriends him and the two get close throughout the series. Muroi’s character is a kind and gentle person but he is haunted by the fact that he attempted suicide because of inheriting the shrine; he despises the act of killing even if justified and this abnormal mix in his personality just simply make it work. As for Sunako chan she is undoubtedly smart for her age and as care free as she claims to look she is lonely and seeks Muroi’s comfort when she can despite that he eventually learns the truth. The two perfectly mix and near the end the seeds of love blossom as the two struggle to survive and flee. Despite finally finishing the series a year later I have no doubts that this is perhaps one of the most interesting series out there and I in fact have fallen in love with vampires once again. There are many twists and turns to enjoy and I take pride in finally finishing this series.

Well that is all and before I go here is something for the lady viewers of my blog. I hope you enjoy this. This is Edwin Vega telling you to quickly hide the stake. Goodnight

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