Double Trouble: Shiki Anime and +1K

September 11, 2011 § Leave a comment

RARARA!!! I’ve gotten over 1000 views in my blog. sure its not amazing, but i’ve honestly feel that blogging has become more and more of my thing the longer I keep going. Surely class has gotten in the way and I plan on trying to work again but nothing shall stop me from doing this hobby of mine. I would insert an Its over 9000 joke but sadly I have about 7900 more to go before I can say that.

First off I would like to celebrate by talking about an anime I finally sank my fangs in (vampire pun). Now I know that vampires have become so butchered to the point of decreased popularity. I will say that it did not begin with Twilight, Vampires in general have become slightly boring, for example “Interview with a Vampire” was one such movie that showed vampire society, giving the audience a side of vampires that would normally not be seen by others; the idea was pure genius as it is told by Louis, a living vampire and his tragic tale of love, loss, and above all eternity. This was genius, but it paved the way to a less scary vampire subgenre. Originally vampires were fearful things, monsters of darkness that killed mercilessly without hesitation that terrorized its prey; the reason they are scary is that they embody all that is human fear, this concept was weakened as things got on. Normally I don’t rant about things, but I will say that vampires now… just plain suck (no pun intended). Twilight “was” the final nail that killed vampires for me and I regret watching it 7x (7 dates that wanted to see it). Vampires however have once again returned to my heart with Shiki and its dark tale. This blog will be a bit longer than normal, but please work with me as I try to explain what made me love this series.

Shiki is a Japanese horror novel by Fuyumi Ono, a novelist famous for her “The Twelve Kingdoms” series. Shiki was written in 1998 and was later reprinted in 2002 before a manga adaptation occured 5 years later and finally the Anime adaptation 2010. As I mentioned before, Shiki is a vampire series, but its nothing like those girls animes or shows like now, Shiki adapts traditional vampiric lore and uses that to strengthen the fear that has been lacking in vampires for over a decade. The story takes place on a hot summer day in Sotoba during the 90’s; during which a new family (the Kirishiki’s) move in a newly built mansion overlooking the entire village. Mysteriously villagers start to die one by one and the local doctor suspects an epidemic is upon them; yet as he and 15 year old Natsuno Yuuki investigate they realize that it isn’t a disease that is killing them but the undead.

Undead right? Who didn’t see that coming, it is a horror about vampires. As I continued on I got hooked right away as Shimizu Megumi is killed at the beginning of the episode and explain the events of her one sided love for Natsuno and the events leading to her demise days later. From then on a spiral of chaos occurs as the “disease” spreads, Doctor Toshio Ozaki painstakingly does his best to save any villagers he can but the exact cause to him is a mystery. After Megumi’s death, Yuuki awakens to feel an ominous presence outside his room; after a few episodes he deduces that his stalker Megumi is alive.

Not to spoil too much of the story but my opinion of the show is completely wicked. A chilling story of misfortune as vampires (dubbed Shiki or Risen) slowly increase their numbers and feed off the living. Even after Yuuki and Ozaki find out they are helpless to do anything to stop them as the entire village would deny their accusations, all the while more and more villagers die with a small number rising to become Shiki. During the story things heat up as Ozaki takes the initiative and attempts to do what he can to stop the Shiki by any means possible.

Okay so vampires and plotwise the story is good, but what I enjoyed the most while watching the series was not only the Junior Priest Seishin Muroi but Sunako Kirishiki (Loli vampire). I have mentioned before I love lolita’s to a certain extent so it gets a plus from me. During the entire series Sunako (a fan of the young priests novels) befriends him and the two get close throughout the series. Muroi’s character is a kind and gentle person but he is haunted by the fact that he attempted suicide because of inheriting the shrine; he despises the act of killing even if justified and this abnormal mix in his personality just simply make it work. As for Sunako chan she is undoubtedly smart for her age and as care free as she claims to look she is lonely and seeks Muroi’s comfort when she can despite that he eventually learns the truth. The two perfectly mix and near the end the seeds of love blossom as the two struggle to survive and flee. Despite finally finishing the series a year later I have no doubts that this is perhaps one of the most interesting series out there and I in fact have fallen in love with vampires once again. There are many twists and turns to enjoy and I take pride in finally finishing this series.

Well that is all and before I go here is something for the lady viewers of my blog. I hope you enjoy this. This is Edwin Vega telling you to quickly hide the stake. Goodnight


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