AX Day 3-4

September 12, 2011 § Leave a comment

It has become clear to me that I will not get the images anytime soon. So without further care I shall submit my last anime expo post for day 3-4 without pictures. Hopefully next year we’ll use a camera -.-

This morning I was awoken by my cellphone around 6 in the morning. No longer able to fall asleep I managed to get dressed and head down to get breakfast. David was the last to wake up and after some planning he and I left for the convention around 9:30. What should have been a clear ride turned a bit chaotic as the GPS we relied on began to fail on us (passed the convention 3x); it took us thirty minutes to get off the freeway and onto a good street to the convention and by that time David and I were late for the Fred Gallagher Q&A (managed to make it only 5 min late).

Sitting down, Gallagher talked about himself and his series Megatokyo before the fan Q&A began, and throughout that time his son Jack kept running up and down the stage. Standing in line for the Q&A, I felt my knees shake as I thought in my head what I wanted to ask Fred, and I was a nervous wreck that I felt like backing out @_@ (almost did) before I mustered the cojones and spoke in the mic. I asked Fred and in quotes “If there are other voice actors aside from Hayasaka san, who will be introduced in the series; also if the game Sight will be completed”. Before he could answer me, Jack ran up to his dad, crawled on the chair beside him and told the entire audience he had to go to the bathroom. This made the audience, and myself, laugh and make Fred feel out-staged if only slightly. As for the answer to my question, I got a vague response that he will introduce the other voice actors and wouldn’t reveal the fate of “Sight” >w<

Immediately after David and I booked it out of the Q&A to watch the K-On screening, english dubbed. Normally I would prefer the Japanese dub over the butchering of English voice actors but this time I was rather impressed. The acting was amazing, all the love I had for the show still remained and nothing was edited out. I laughed so hard when Yui tried to study for her test but instead played with her guitar (my abs were screaming in pain T.T).

After the K-On show, David and I decided to spend a bit of time in the exhibit hall. I was interested in the Autograph panel in which Fred Gallagher would show up (I really wanted my Megatokyo Vol 6 to be signed). I waited in line but could not manage to get an autograph as it moved really sluggishly slow that I had to get going to the K-On concert at the concourse hall (all the way at the end of the convention center).

For a small mini concert a lot of people showed up. so much that the line almost stretched out! David and I were separated that I had to be seated in the middle row away from him; though when the concert began I didn’t care at all about him and just lost myself in the concert. It was unbelievably amazing that so many people came to see five girls pretend to play their instruments but were isntead singing live, and I among them cheered on >w< Hell I got up on my chair and yelled out “I love you Azunyan!” out loud, and many others soon after followed my example and yelled out their K-On favorites <3. For a half hour show every guy was sweating from the crazed fist pumping and screaming and singing along (my first “Real” concert experience) Click on the video link to see the concert. David and I regrouped after and we left to get something to eat.

Heading back to the convention later that night, David and I went to the Nokia Theater, went through the scanners and security, and then sat down for the final concert of that day, the Masquerade. It was a but of cosplayers doing short skits and hosted by the DBZ narrator and an asian guy I never met. The skits were short and somewhat interesting to watch, but the real deal was the award show in which many cosplayers got a good bag filled with a bunch of items. The real cherry on top was watching the grand prize winners not only get the bag’o swag, but get a briefcase filled with $10 grand! Ten freaking grand! After the show we left to rest up for the final day tomorrow.

The final day of anime expo was not as easy as I had originally thought. A lot of people left but it was still as crowded, and I still had to get my autograph from Fred Gallagher. I waited until 10 to get inside the exhibit hall and speed walked my way into the autograph line in which I obliviously got in the wrong line. The line I got in was the Last Exile line, in which after I got out I got a poster signed by the creators and artists of the show. I made my way to the Gallagher line and this time luckily got him to sign my book (and give me a sketch card of Miho Tohya!).

After that David and I looked around, bought more swag, took pictures of cosplayers, and left for home. Our Anime Expo field trip was over and I’d have to wait until next year.


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