September 17, 2011 § Leave a comment

As of late I’ve been more bored and bored as class just piles up and my only saving grace is when I hang out with my friends and distract myself of the ever looming doom that was college life. As depressing as this post seems I admit that things have rather looked up for me. Anime expo is 9 months away, I’ve gotten into Disgaea 4 when I go to my friends house, and I have bonded more socially. Its not as hopeful as I had once hoped but honestly I stopped caring in my expectations long ago.

For most Otaku’s almost everyone will know what Type Moon is and religiously play its games, media, and soundtracks. In my earnest opinion I honestly believe that you are not a real otaku unless you have played or watched one thing by Type Moon. Today that feeling of fond memories flood back to me as I watched Type Moon’s new project, Carnival Phantasm… and I am immediately sucker punched by sheer randomness that I could only explain as dating your girlfriend for four years and finding out that she has a penis. Yes I think that sums up my entire feeling of Carnival Phantasm. I loved Type Moon for its well tailored storytelling and characters and with Carnival Phantasm I felt my brain literally process something unfathomable.

As negative as that concept was I slowly continued on and near the end I ended up enjoying the show. Carnival Phantasm is a parody of all of Type Moons earlier projects, from Melty Blood to Fate Stay Night (no real sign of Kara no Kyoukai), and the real beauty of this show is the well balanced mixture of detailed art and pure nautical randomness that blows Spongebob out of the water. Carnival Phantasm may not be much of what I expected from Type Moon, but as a fan I can appreciate anything they make since they love they’re fan base.

To get to the point, Episode 4 there is a voting segment in which the last episode of Carnival Phantasm will be decided by the viewers via twitter. So basically going to will take you to decide one of the two possible endings. In a nutshell one is an ending where the main characters go for the main heroines, the second is where they go out with every girl they promised to go out with on the same day! As sweet as I want an ending… I am such a sadistic jerk and I voted for the bad ending for the lulz! I am spreading the word so that others may join in. in the mean time I shall wait since the votes end September 19th. So go vote, every vote counts! Until next time. Support the Afterschool Alleyway Alliance! (also please check out my newest story on DeviantArt)


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