Gaming Rant/Praise: DeIz

September 25, 2011 § Leave a comment

Okay for those who are veterans of Deviantart for more than 3 years you have most likely heard or seen Mikeinel’s art in some way or form. For those who know who I am talking about you have most likely played his finished game DeIz or stalk his deviantart for every post. I for one wasn’t one of those people, hell today was the first I found out about him, but I have seen several bits and pieces of his art and when I caught wind of a free indie game I decided to check it out.

For starters, DeIz is  short indie visual novel about Ceil, a high school boy who has been infatuated with a female independent director that attends her school for 3 years. The story is mainly his struggle to snag the love of his life but of course other routes are available and each one have a flavor of variety that not many games (that I played) can give. Every choice and route I took and I managed to beat the entire game in 6 hours (after struggling) and I always demanded there be more; sadly that isn’t going to happen so all I’m left is a small hole and memorable events and a whole lot of CG’s (quite interesting I might add).

My first thoughts on the game was quite ruined the first time. I felt the story was lacking in the first five minutes and the names were ridiculously hard to pronounce. Of course this won’t stop me from finishing it and I had nothing else to do this Saturday. Pushing forward DeIz grew on me like a small adorable puppy on Christmas day. Surely enough I wanted more and I felt a bit of pained when I got a dead end route. My usual save and load wasn’t going to work seeing as I had many choices so when I got one route done or a dead end I started all the way from the beginning (an arduous task). Anyways, the game starts out with Ceil watching a film by none other than his long crush (Iris). It is pointed out that Ceil worked with Iris on the set of her first film and from that point he was infatuated with her, though being chicken shit as he is he kept the prop ring from that movie as a memento of her.

We are introduced to our first characters, Chamoisee and Cerise, both close friends of Ceil. Chamoisee is Ceil’s energetic male friend who has an obsession with video games like Ceil. Both Ceil and Charmie understand each other on a guy level and the two are great buds. Cerise is Ciel’s female friend who has a secret crush on our main character (big surprise), but their relationship seems typically on a friend level (mainly where Ceil is oblivious). Basically after the three get together and talk is when the decision making counts and depending on what you decide it will affect the story so I won’t go into details about that. I however love the trio as they each are unique but together are quite the formidable comedy duo!

So my praise on this is the character development. Surely the game is short but the characters are each unique and well drawn with their own quirks and personality and meeting more characters really made it fun; and with so many endings it was worthwhile to find different ways to end the game and have fun. Another great great plus was the internet and anime references in the game. From Black Rock Shooters to Caramel Dansen and even Portal 2, Mikeinel put his soul into adding as much of himself as possible. Black Rock Shooter became Black Stone Slasher and even Gurren Lagann became Gullen Raggan. It really made the game that much more entertaining to continue through and to find these random things was a reward in itself.

My favorite character was perhaps Cerise and her special circumstances that I won’t mention at all, but she however is close to Ceil up until an event that distances her from Ceil and Chamoisee. I was curious as to what was wrong after they make a hint to her “circumstance” and I attempted to follow through, sadly more than once to get it right but when I did I felt accomplished not because I completed the route I wanted but because I got attached to the characters in such a short time. DeIz does a great job getting the player attached to the characters or at least curious to find out. Cerise and Ceil really do make a great pair so much so that I can barely contain the spoilers revealed in this post.

Of course Cerise isn’t the only character in this game (will not reveal) that has a role. Almost all the characters have a role to fulfill… all except one… We come to my mysterious girl only dubbed “Her” by the creator himself.

Only known as the “Black Haired Girl” or “Her”, this character is by far the most unique one of them all as the player interacts with her on several occasions. I will reveal that her role is a sad one, one that makes me curse Mikeinel to suffer for! For the sake of this blog I shall simply name Black Haired Girl “Her” (as her original role was to kill the main character). Her’s role however changes and her role may be minor but she however made a big impact to me as being one of the most unique characters in DeIz. Her and Ceil meet on occasions throughout the game and when Ceil is down in the dumps about his one sided love situation she shows up and tells him that “He doesn’t belong here.” Huh… Doesn’t belong… What could it possible mean? At first I neglected her and payed no attention to it, but because I was playing blind I accidentally got her ending in which Ceil chases after her and she runs off to speak with him in private. At first I assumed Her was Ceil’s stalker and I foresaw a murder suicide but my expectation was way off as Her confronts not Ceil but the player that she isn’t real. That’s right, for the first time in my life I had been questioned by an in game character ranting about how she was fake and that her only role was having the knowledge of being a false person with false love scripted by the creator. Her role was simply a joke by the creator but to me her role was a sad one indeed that it was true; the love in the game was merely scripted and even she could not bask in it either since she was aware. It really hurt watching her breakdown as Ceil awkwardly comforted her in a confused manner while I the player simply was left speechless.

My biggest issue is perhaps “Her” which I already ranted about. My second issue with the game which i was disappointed in was that there was no sound. No voices, no music, no FX. Just pictures and texts. Surely the game was still a hit but I would have really enjoyed voices to give the characters more depth. With all those aside I don’t really have anything else to complain about. I’m not reviewer, and if I was my only review score would be Play it or Don’t, but surely this game deserves to be played and all this is purely my opinion and nothing more.

DeIz for another word is simply a game made by a Deviantart member who simply rushed something that could be more, but what he showed the world was simply a game that made me attached to the characters and story much faster than any other game itself. I for one don’t plan on getting rid of this game anytime soon and I will definitely spread the word on this game to those who read this. Mikeinel you have a fan for life, but I honestly do despise you for “Her” route, but nontheless you are a genius and I hope more from you. Without further ado I gift you with fanservice and the link to download the game (click the image for the link). I’m Edwin Vega and I’m here to say that it’s a trap! (you’ll know when you do).


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