Fate Zero is Coming! (pre Rant/Praise post)

October 1, 2011 § Leave a comment

What a glorious September it was. Looking back I was overjoyed that I had so many fond memories. Some good, some bad, and most just plain random. I wish I could tell you all about it but sadly my reminiscent life is not place for this blog. I do however with great excitement say that October will be the best. Why? Because of the new line up of anime being released for the fall, and one in particular has my jimmies riled up in excitement! Fate Zero! (click the image below for the PV trailer)

This isn’t a real Rant/Praise or a Conquest. This is simply me celebrating the occasion by telling all my viewers how excited I am! I have been a Fate Stay Night fan for a long time and soon after hounded after everything Type Moon Could throw at me. Melty Blood(and Tsukihime), Fate Stay Night, and Kara no Kyoukai simply were too amazing to explain and rather than take my word for it I wholly recommend you all check out all of Type Moon’s projects.

Fate Zero is entirely different from Fate Stay Night in many ways. Unlike the visual novel, Fate Zero debut as a light novel series written by Gen Urobuchi and illustrated by Takashi Takeuchi (the artist to all of Type Moons projects). Since I have not read the novels and since I don’t know much about this series I will say that my two favorite characters will be arriving. Saber and Gilgamesh will return! YAY!

Without furhter ado I shall let you guys go and get on with your day. So until Fate Zero comes please enjoy this. Thank you.


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