Weekly Update and Fate Zero episode 1

October 10, 2011 § Leave a comment

So the week has been hectic as of late. Class has me kinda booked for most of the week and now that I’m running 2 blogs it is beginning to really get to me just to meet my quota. A lot of new animes are coming out and catching up with them is quite difficult with my schedule (kinda makes me wish I could make a clone). So I guess I’ll talk a little bit on what i’ve been doing on my end a bit.


Well for much of my time I’ve been in class. but whenever I got home after (which is usually 6-7) I sat myself down to play a famous H-Game by Nitro plus called Saya no Uta. I have a blog post on Erogamer so if H-Games is your thing then I recommend you check it out and decide if you are willing to play it (I recommend it only to those with the stomach for it).

Fear The Cute Ones

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I’m spreading the word once again that those who watch and read my stuff I want YOU to comment your thoughts for my posts or recommend me an anime to check out. I very much would like to hear from all of you.

I would also like to take the time to continue my thoughts on Fate Zero in which just a week ago the first episode has come out (with the second available today). Watching the first episode we are introduced to our hero, Emiya Kiritsuga and his lovely wife Irisviel Einsbern along with their newborn child Ilya (who was so cute as a baby). I was given a brief taste of Kiritsuga’s struggle of parenthood as he is a stone cold murderer who kills mages by any means necessary; Iri consoles er husband and gives him a glimmer of hope to love their child like any normal parent. In 4 minutes of screen time I found myself immediately pairing Iri and Emya together.

Of course we are introduced to other characters such as  Kiritsuga (master of Assassin), and Tosaka Tokiomi (father of Rin and master of Archer- Gilgamesh). Kiritsuga and Tokiomi talk over that he was chosen for the grail and offers him to be his apprentice to aid him to win the grail for the sake of keeping it out of the wrong hands. Willingly Kiritsuga accepts his mission and we are introduced to a bit of the rules on the Holy Grail War.

Somewhere in London we are introduced to Waver Velvet (master of Rider), a mage who is studying at London Clock Tower (a secret school for mages). His character I enjoyed the most because he is a hard working student who wants to be accepted as a full on mage despite that his bloodline is relatively lacking in the magic department. Dissed by his teacher Kaynet El-Melloi Archibald (a pureblood mage family and master of Lancer) mocks his research paper of magecraft titled “Inquiry of Magecraft’s Path in the New Century” saying that his idealism is merely fantasy and that it was all about ancestry and bloodline. Angry, Waver leaves his class and bumps into a faculty teacher whom he gives Waver a package to Professor Archibald. Instead of giving it to his teacher Waver takes the package and then learns of the Holy Grail war and that the package contained a relic to summon a Servant and begins his training to gain a Command Seal for the war.

Perhaps the most interesting and most messed up mage family is the Matou’s. For those who have not played the Fate Stay Night game route “Heavens Feel” I will make a brief summary. The Matou Bloodline lacks a rightful heir for the Holy Grail war, and calling on a debt owed by the Tosaka family they request to adopt one of the Tosaka children into their own (in which the Tosaka’s oblige to their request and give up Sakura). This decision does not sit well with Kariya (soon to be Master of Beserker), one of the two sons of Zoken Matou. Pissed off he confronts his father and offers that he will fight in the Holy Grail war in exchange to free Sakura; mocking his request the old man denies his request… that is until Kariya offers that he uses the Crest Worm to increasy his magic aptitude in a years time. After much thinking and sadistic desire, Zoken accepts his offer and puts him in an intense magical training to become worthy of a Command Seal.

Though some masters are left unmentioned and the first episode is mainly an introduction to the Holy Grail and the characters themselves I was quite stunned on how I’ve grown attached to these mentioned characters in 40 minutes. Kiritsugas plight and struggle as a murderer turned parent, Wavers desire to prove himself as a great mage, and Kariya’s goal to free Sakura while enduring so much torture, I simply could not stop watching until the end. Around the end Kiritsuga, Waver, Tokiomi, and Kariya all summon their Servants on the last day of the deadline for the war. While they chant their summons it is simply amazing to watch these characters summon their servants, each different in aspect. I was especially glad when I got to see Gilgamesh and Saber showed up (Jizzed in my pants). As a major fan of Saber and Gilgamesh I could not help but be overjoyed that 2 of my favorite characters showed up on screen, so much so that I looked up GilgameshxSaber doujins and whatnot immediately after.

So in short… I loved Fate Zero. The animation is well done, the character and story is great, and the voice actors and sound effects simply put me in awe, like I’m watching a real movie. I can surely hope that each episode continues to wow me with action and character development. I want to know more about each one of these characters while this war goes in full force. So without further ado I bid you all farewell, I’m Edwin Vega hear to tell you to stay frosty.


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