Reach out to the Truth! Persona 4 Animation

October 13, 2011 § Leave a comment

It seemed just yesterday that I heard about Persona 4 from my friend David. Of course since I never had a PS2 I never had a chance to play most of the games mentioned by David (being poor sucks). So when David told me about how great Persona 4 was I simply just pushed it out of my mind seeing as I had no way of playing it. Looking back, if my dad had bought me a PS2 instead of an xbox I’d probably be more of a Sony fangirl rather than a Microsoft fan; my taste in games would perhaps have been more rpg’s and whatnot rather than the shooters i’ve so grown accustomed to; but even if I was left out in the game chats with my own friends I don’t regret starting out with an XBox at all. Of course I acknowledge that Persona 4 is a great game, but I knew I would never be able to play it anytime soon. Almost seven years later I at long last set foot in the Persona genre not from a game but because an anime had of the story had arrived.

.0″ width=”490″ height=”696″ />Starting out the first episode I muster the strength to finish the first 5 min seeing as it seemed rather boring. Igor is creepy as fuck and his assistant is a gorgeous babe (an unusual adult feminine figure to the cast of teenage kids). The intro was rather creepy as Igor kept talking to “you” the viewer, about a fate that will soon come to pass. “Fate and Destiny” in my vocabulary are overused words in the Otaku life, found in everything anime and game related so I wasn’t much impressed. The thing that caught my interest was perhaps the greatest thing Persona has to offer along with the story… it’s music.

We are introduced to Yu Narukami, the protagonist of our story, who because of his parents job, is forced to move in with his uncle in Inaba and attend school there. Yu is for a better word… Neutral. He’s a character that has no personality at the beginning and this is probably because he has moved to a new home. When he attends his first day of school he introduces himself to the class (aside from the fugly ranting ogre that is their teacher), he makes friends with Chie Satonaka (a very cute and athletic tomboy like girl), Yosuke Hanamura (the clumsy and carefree guy), and Yukiko Amagi (the refined and cute class idol). Each of these characters each give off a variety of personalities that more than make up for Yu’s lacking emotion. Honestly if I have a complaint at this point, it is probably the main character himself (Why so emo D<). So far my favorite character is Chie (I have a fetish for tomboys .-.).

Of course this series is far from a slice of life. In Inaba there have been a series of unexplained murders and these strange murders revolve around the story and characters alike. There is also the Midnight Channel, a paranormal occurrence where the television turns on and shown on the screen is “your true love”. So far I’ve only seen episode 1 so its safe to say that I am still a noob to this series. I bet my friend David will be reading this and be raging about how I neglected to mention a few things later tonight.

When the trio (Chie, Yosuke, and Yu) fall inside a tv, they enter a strange universe oppressed by thick fog and soon after tongue monsters that simply want to nibble on our teenage heroes. During the climax, when the danger becomes so great, Yu instinctively summons a strange avatar figure called a Persona. Simply put I was mind fucked just watching the fighting; as a veteran of Shounen anime/manga this was the first time that I simply was in awe watching a summon that perhaps was equal to that of Final Fantasy (never played it either). After defeating the monsters the anime ends and I simply demanded more. I may not have played the game but I now know what the rage of Persona is all about.

Simply put the anime is well drawn, the characters are each unique, and the story is simply a mix of haunting and comedy perfectly combined. My expectations for this series is now high and I hope to see more intensity from the show each episode. This is Edwin Vega here to say “Everyday young life, Junes”


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