Anime Conquest List Update and over 2k!

November 27, 2011 § Leave a comment

Being reminded yet again of another series, I have decided that if I should fail to finish watching my quota (which I assume so), then I shall continue my conquest as long as it take. Also I have added 2 series to the list and I will break my rule of only watching 1 series at a time. So look forward to more. Also I would like to thank all my viewers for over 2000 views and that I hope to get over 9000 views and further! So please subscribe and feel free to comment :3

-Cowboy Bebop

-Princess Mononoke

-Serial Experiments Lain

-Rurouni Kenshin

-Outlaw Star

-Dragon Ball Z

-Fooly Cooly

-G-Gundam (recently Added)

-Gundam Wing (Recently Added)


-Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind

-Fullmetal Panic


-Ninja Scroll

-Neon Genesis Evangelion


-Macross Plus

-Macross 2 Movie

-Ghost in the Shell movie

-X (the Show)

-X (the movie)


-Tokyo Godfathers

-Angel Links

-Spirited Away




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