End of the Year: New Years Resolution Rant/Praise

December 31, 2011 § 3 Comments

New years eve folks. Yes today signals the end of the year a great many things have changed for me; hell just over half a year ago I was getting used to my cozy little room and preparing for the ever present anime expo that I so wanted to attend, it also marked the day I started this blog for shits and giggles and though I don’t post as much as I would like I think that a nice delay means that the quality of my posts are quite genuine and as best as they can be. Even if 2011 is ending it does not signal the end of my never ending search for Otaku Enlightenment! Even now, at the end of the year, still try to end this year with a nice bang through the only way I know, a New Years Rant.

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To start off I would like to express my gratitude for those who have been following and hope for more to follow in the following year, even if its not many I am still overjoyed to have entertained you all. I don’t really consider myself a reviewer, hell I don’t even have a rating system like others and even though I’m not like many of those article writers in Kotaku or Otaku USA I still try to freely express myself into every post I do; from games to anime I want to express my love (or hate) for those things that have made me cry, laugh, or make me angry. It feels really great to speak my mind and thus I proclaim that my first resolution is to continue posting about animes both great and… lacking… with compassion and detail.

Without further ado my second resolution is to continue and finish my Anime Conquest goal, to watch every anime I have ever seen in my childhood, and the list keeps on growing @_@ fuck my life! twelve years of anime until my first year of High School all crammed in hopefully a year. A sure goal that isn’t an easy feat and to add to the trouble I must express how I felt watching it. This time however I shall change the rules and not focus on just one anime to keep the blog going more frequently and keep me from focusing on other genres because I get bored of it. It’ll be interesting to at long last talk about my thoughts from back then and now on a particular anime so look forward to more!

My third resolution is to post more frequently on non H games and manga. So even if its a pc Love Sim or a Console I will like to fill this genre up as well. I also promised manga so i should consider that since many great series aren’t animes yet ;n; As for the Naughty stuff I shall continue posting them in Erogaming Galore blog and continue my journey into the Japanese Adult Entertainment… Also I have a new Segment I shall announce shortly which I dub as “Forced Enjoyment”. As thew title suggests I will play “any” and “all” games adult related that is recommended to me via email, comment, or text message! From the safe story filled genre of Princess Waltz to the creepy and ever loathing Bible Black, I will play them all and talk about my opinions about it. For more information please visit the Erogaming Galore “Forced Enjoyment” hyperlink.

My fourth and lastly most important resolution is to keep my friends. It may seem unrelated to the blog but my friends are perhaps one of the reasons that I am inspired to keep writing be it blog related or not; among these I could not do it without my partner in crime Paola who inspires me even more to take my writing a step further with ideas. Never will I prioritize my blog, my anime, and my games, over my friends and I would like to thank them for being there when I needed it. I love you all.

Well thus ends this post. I’ve got a lot of drinking to do with the family and the great New Years Countdown to do, so I hope you all have a wonderful New Years Eve.  This has been Edwin Vega and I’ll See you Next Year Space Cowboy (hurr hurr, Cowboy Bebop Reference)


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