Judgement D4Y!- THE BAN AGAINST SOPA Protest – Maybe :|

January 17, 2012 § Leave a comment

As you all now know the internet censorship bill, Sopa and PIPA, are gaining momentum through congress as we speak and tomorrow is the day that not only people are protesting, but the internet itself is protesting. Now as I say this in a sense that the internet is alive, and I do believe that this is true. The internet is a machine that gains its life through billions of cogs that help run its life, the people themselves are the cogs that help run this wild beast of a machine called the internet. I say this now because tomorrow is a big day that… my blog post might not even get to be seen in time when I personally… censor myself. Tomorrow, in protest against SOPA and PIPA, the internet is going to be shut down and this wild beast will enter a state of dormancy.

When I say this I do not mean that the internet is turning off. I mean that most sites online such as wordpress (and others) will turn off their servers temporarily in protest, leaving its users unable to go to the actual website 😐 Deep stuff. Although this may be speculation and “Might” happen tomorrow, January 18th, is still a mystery. If it does happen this will be one of the largest protest in history, one that even some other countries are showing support against the United States bill (thank you other countries). While the sites and thousand (perhaps millions) of people will follow this protest those who want no part in this fight will be affected greatly. It is uncertain what websites will go off the radar for this protest, but many people will be certainly pissed off that the US Congress will have no choice but to not pass this bill. How long the protest lasts… a few hours or even days, who knows.

I for one, am against SOPA and PIPA, and although this protest is perhaps a really extreme thing to do it does give the common internet user a taste of what these bills would do to the internet. If these bills pass many websites like youtube will be sued just because some persons baby video had copyright music playing in the background (unintentionally). DeviantArt, a place for artist to freely express their art on DR. Who or Fate Stay Night will be taken down because of copyright (maybe a bit exagerated). A lot of people will be affected and it will make the internet quite an unstable place, and for what? To stop piracy? There are already ways to fight online piracy and youtubes “Flag” feature aids in the search of illegal videos, and although it has been misused time and time again this is a great tool that has helped to hunt down and take said videos off. There are tools that help in the aid of piracy and although the internet is a huge space equal to a google (not the website) the amount of content being taken down is still a great margin.

Bottom line, the point of these bills passing will cause damage to not only the users, but to the companies that support these laws. Just recently the VGA’s issued a take down notice of “The Last of Us” trailer, aired on the Spike Video Game Award… the irony was, that this video was on the official website of The Last of Us… in short, the developers were forced to take down the trailer for their own game. This not only affects games, television, Hollywood films, and animes all around but it is a real snap in the face for everyone. As much as I don’t want this protest thing to be too out of hand… I gotta tip my hat for this protest. I’d rather not be able to log on WordPress and youtube for a day or two rather than a year. So SOPA can kiss my ass and although I don’t support online piracy I, Edwin Vega, and many other users, cannot stay neutral about this. Its time to act DAMMIT! I will censor myself as an act of kindess and as an act of trolling proportions! This is such a great burn that I can do to myself and others and I love it :3 A trolling that benefits us all! Join in on the fun and although I’m against SOPA please… have fun with it


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