Busy Busy Busy/ Updates/ and Its Over 4000!!!

March 6, 2012 § Leave a comment

After logging on for the first time in over a month, I would proudly like to say that I am nearly halfway to my goal of 9001 views. Really, its fantastic to know that I’ve gotten a lot of views in the short year I’ve began posting. Really, it’s a great feeling to know people enjoy what I post. I may not get a lot of comments, but it’s a start with the few I have.


Well to get this started, I have been extremely busy with classes, and with midterms coming up soon I’ve gotta get my ass into gear and study for all my classes. The silver lining is that spring break follows after and I’m going on a huge anime and visual novel binge. During that time, I hope to make up for the lack of posts on the anime and the Erogamers blog as well. I would also like to congratulate the user who commented on me to play Bible Black… Now I have gotten afraid as he not only forced me to play it, but also supplied me the game. Fuck my life…

Anyways, I hope to post more in the following weeks, and not to get mentally scarred by the demon rape in Bible Black… ;n; Let see how long I can keep my sanity in tact. For more about Bible Black and any other visual novel, go and visit my Erogaming Blog. Until next time, I leave you with Awesome



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