New Changes/ Plans for Anime Expo 2012/ New Goals

May 2, 2012 § Leave a comment

For the past few months, I have been tugged around on a leash by my college classes, which is currently going on as I prepare for Finals Week coming around the corner. While I have posted my Erogaming blog, I have neglected my anime one because I have not been catching up on my anime. I can pull a summary out of my ass, but that’d be too easy and the emotion would be lacking in it. Once school subsides, I should be able to get my creative rants/praises going for both this and Erogamers. Just 2 more weeks of class and I can go back to being an Otaku again!

I’ve made some changes to the blog’s layout (mainly the background). I plan on changing it every now and then with no particular point beside to make it cute, sexy, awesome, or weird. I’ve done the same on Erogamers, so please check it out (if you’re of age).

On the lighter note, Anime Expo is 2 months away. Hurray! So far, from what is confirmed, LiSA (The band that played in Angel Beats) is coming to the Nokia Stadium! That is so much I’ve gotten so far on information. My first year of Anime Expo was amazing, however, this time I am going with a bigger party (around 15). Surely enough, after months of careful planning, searching for a hotel, losing half the party, cancelling hotels, reserving another, cancelling that one for a free condo, and getting a full party of 15 again, I am proud to say that my expedition to the Mecca of anime fandom (In America at least) is guaranteed. If you are heading out to Anime Expo, my advice is this: bring a refillable water bottle, wear good shoes, stay indoors as much as you can (cause it’ll be hot), and have a lot of deodorant! I emphasize this the most because every guy and girl will sweat like fat people in a sauna, believe me, Anime Expo is the equivalent of running a marathon and by the last day you’d be lucky to only have blisters in your feet.

I’d offer more tips, but the most helpful advice I got came from this video by Stephen Hawking Kun (pun). This video is a 2 part series (3rd part was not posted) and it gives a brief rundown on what do see and not see. Sure, its a few years late, but many of the exhibitors are still money hungry. Be smart and have fun.


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