Loliwha? A Look Inside Anime Lolita’s and Why they are Special <3

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Greetings folks! This is Edwin, self proclaimed Lolicon, leading researcher in Loliology, and master of the Loliverse!… Ahem… Only the first and second part is true. Anyways, I am back after a long 3 months of soul searching, distractions, procrastinations, and busy work that the real world can only pummel you with. I have worked a temporary job in late summer, studied my ass off in my classes, and faced angst these past months, I have returned more powerful than I could possibly imagine! Hue Hue Hue! I’ve also been playing video games and watched a lot of shows (Supernatural), however, it is good to be back in the one place that fills me up with pride: My blog. I have returned to take my throne as I push my way to 9001 viewers, so please, thank you for those who have taken the time to read through, I am thankful for it.

Now, as you may now know, I am a self proclaimed Lolicon. Now, some of you may know what this is, and some might not understand this term and will most likely attempt to look it up right at this moment, BUT HOLD ON! Please, take the time to sit down in front of that monitor or cell phone, and take the following information with an open mind. For those of you who know what I will speak, by all means do the following and enjoy this lolicoaster of whimsical fun and let us begin!

Aisaka (AKA: Palmtop Taiga) Taiga from Toradora

What is a Lolita? To sum it up in its base term, they are fictional girls (mostly anime) that have several base traits that appeal to a certain few people (Lolicons). These girls are usually short in stature, slender in their figure, and lack any sort of a bosom. This is the most basic structure of what a Loli is, and by this point you must be thinking, “Are they children,” or, “Is this guy a Pedophile?” Before you leave assuming this, I would like to remind you that this is just a base structure… You have just barely got on the lolicoaster, and the belts are tightened and the bar is lowered, so please enjoy the ride, for it is too late to escape now accomplice!… Just kidding.

Loli’s are identified by their bodytype: Short, small chested young girls. Kobata is such an example

A Loli does look child-like and many would assume them to be so at first glance, however, this is not the case… mostly…  Japanese Animation is a universe of fun and entertainment, however there is a dark side to things. I don’t deny that there is adult media revolving around this medium, neither do I deny that there are people who enjoy these kinds of things. If you love anime, you will undoubtedly see these girls sometime in the future (if not already), but most of these heroines will be found in safe media, so please, do not be afraid.

Madoka Magica is an example of Loli by art style. Despite the way they are drawn in the show (and fanart), both characters are middle school students.

Loli’s are vague simply because there are so many variations. It can be difficult to describe since there are many influences varying on the art style of the artist, the maturity of the character, age, and a whole lot of other factors involved, however, I have pinpointed 4 common types that apply to them all: Baby Loli’s, Basic Loli’s, Teen Loli’s, and Adult Loli’s. What’s the difference, well my boy/girl, we have begun climbing our the tracks in the lolicoaster, so brace yourself for the impending fall.

Baby Loli’s are simply girls varying in the ages of 4 and under, who are too young and pure to understand the world of adult problems. These young girls are both a good example of the Loli craze yet a contradiction at the same time. Young pure girls don’t stay young forever, for most of the girls in this genre will grow up due to their maturing bodies and puberty. If you are still confused, let me give you an example: Yotsuba (from the manga Yotsuba by Azuma Kiyohiko), is one such baby loli. Let us get a bit darker now. Akira (as depicted in the bottom) is also a baby loli, and however cute this pig-tailed girl may be, and this may offend people, she is involved in a sexual relationship with three high school students, and I loathe this fact. It exists ya know, scream and kick as you might, but this coaster has finally dived down its first hill and sped up to a loop, so expect more bombshells.

Baby Loli: Akira from The Light of Tsukimi Manor. She is also the popular parody video called “Pomf Pomf” by Nyanners, making her not only a loli, but a meme.

Now we have the Basic Lolis, which are often displayed in popular anime’s often. These girls can range from the ages of 5-12, and are often the cute girls who are just barely grasping the world at hand. These girls are often bratty, stuck up, and despise being called little (sound familiar?), and it is only a matter of time until they hit puberty. Why do Lolicons love them? Despite their rough exterior, they are the sensitive girls who are beginning to develop and grow, and because of it they get insecure about their bodies (varies on age and can occur earlier). These girls are fragile, and Lolicons perceive them as little sisters in that sense: No matter how much she may stand up against you and hurt you, one cannot hate their little sister, right? So, who falls in this category? How about Hasegawa Kobato, the little sister of Boku Wa Tomodachi Ga Sukunai. She’s the younger brother of Kodaka, and has a unique fascination in darkness. She dresses up in goth fashion, wears a red contact in her Right/Left eye, and calls herself “Reisys VI Felicity Sumeragi, and despite her demanding nature, she loves her older brother so much, to the point that she fights against her rival, Maria, a year younger than she is.

Kobata is fashionable, diligent, and completely adorable. She, and others like her, are the norm in Japanese Anime’s

Now, we begin persevere on our twisting course, so take the time to take a breather before the next bombardment. We dive into Teenage Lolis, young women who can range from 13-17 age, and like the common base, lack a bosom and are sometimes short. These girls can be slightly taller, far more mature from their younger counterparts, but may share similar insecurities (I mean, its borderline dwarfism). Short is cute, and like people, there will be many who will love them for their maturity (and sometimes immaturity). Aisaka Taiga from Toradora is one such character who is in the Teen Loli range. She is fierce, easily angered, and isn’t afraid to attack someone who rubs her the wrong way; despite this, she is sweet like any teenage woman, you just have to get her to open up. Another example is Nakano (Azunyan) Azusa, from the popular series  K-On, who is one of the few mature role models in her club despite being the youngest. There are many who fall in this category, but we must continue on our course, and be prepared for one last assault from these cute stars.

Simple adorable in looks, but don’t let that fool you, Azuza is a great role model of maturity for her age.

As much as I like to kick you off this rollercoaster of knowledge, we are going to cover the course backwards, so don’t get too ill you newbies.

I once again contradict the very existence of Lolita kind! As an otaku and morally responsible person, I am proud to say that I adore these lovely ladies for what they are, “Grown Women.” Yes, Adult Lolis are grown women despite their lacking and/or child like looks, which I classify as fictional dwarfism. They are fully bloomed women are commonly found in adult games and media (like hentai), however, this is not the case in some anime/manga. They may still hold insecurities, but above all, they have embraced those insecurities to continue forward (most of the time). Despite looking the part of a Loli, they are adults, and are a contradiction to the basic structure as much as a part of it. I’ll be a bit more in depth as to why.

In the Hentai Game “Yume Miru Kusuri: A Drug That Makes You Dream,” Shiraki Aeka is one of the female heroines of the story who fills the example of an adult Loli. Aeka is a senior at her high school, and despite her lacking body, she is in fact eighteen (older than our Protagonist by months). In her route, Kouhei (the protagonist) finds out that there is a girl being bullied in his class, and after finally opening his eyes rather than being oblivious, he recognizes Aeka as the victim. Yes, this is an adult game that is marketed for its adult content, yet the story is a compelling and heartbreaking, earning it a great ranking and also giving Aeka the rank of Adult Loli.

One of the most moving characters in an H-Game, Aeka is a torture soul who is constantly bullied. She simple moved me and Kouhei (the protagonist) in this dramatic romance story.

This is but one example. Adult Lolis aren’t just classifying of age, they also classify supernatural things such as Vampires and inter-dimensional beings. Mina Tepes from Dance in the Vampire Bund is one such Loli, who despite her looks, is actually several hundred years old. Saya from Saya no Uta is similar in the sense that she is a Loli (to Fuminori), however, she is anything but human.

Let us finish up this rollercoaster ride of knowledge my kiddies. Why would you care for fictional characters? Why should it matter if they are adults despite their looks? Well, let us leave the fiction and go to real life facts: Dwarfism. Dwarfism and short people aren’t uncommon in real life, who have to adapt to the world around them and be discriminated based on their height and/or looks. Should they, like these fictional characters, be neglected love? What about a job? Or the right to have children? Not good enough? Well let us go into Hollywood horror.

**SPOILER ALERT!!!*** In “The Orphan,” the Coleman family, who had recently lost a baby, go to an orphanage to adopt a child. It is here that the family come across a diligent child called Esther, whom they immediately adopt into their home, however, Esther isn’t what she claims to be. The family begin going through several unfortunate accidents, causing several children to go to the hospital and the protagonist, Kate Coleman to suspect Esther as the culprit. Investigating her origins, it turns out that Esther is not a child, but a 33 year old woman who has been on a killing spree. The reason? She could not find love due to a deformity that stunted her growth, and is unable to be in a romance because of her deformity. Yes this is just a movie, but it is an example nonetheless, and as she dies in the film, she dies alone. Sad, isn’t it? There are other examples, such as Claudia from “Interview with a Vampire,” but it is pointless to ramble, as we have returned back to our starting point.

Now, I do hope that you newbies have taken the opinions of a true Lolicon, and have free’d yourself to this popular and frequent genre. When you watch anime and a Loli shows up, I hope you are more open to the concept of Lolitas and be open minded no matter the content. For those who are already knowledgeable in the concept, I hope you found this rant humorous in its nature. Let us be more open, in fiction and real world, to the small girls with big hearts. I pray you enjoy your stay in Anime Hell, because there is so much more baffling things than just young looking women, am I right fellow Otaku’s?

Congratulations on finishing this rant 😀

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