The Great Christmas Eve Romance: Amagami SS Part 2- Tanamichi Kaoru <3

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Ah Christmas Eve is upon us and there is no greater way to get into the holiday spirit than to watch Amagami SS, and even though I have probably rewatched the entire thing more than three times, I still am envious of the protagonist ;n; I mean Tachibana Junichi has more game than me (on the bright side I’ve held a longer relationship than my younger brother ^^ Win). With the recent events that have been coming and going I have sat down and reminisced the idea of a 2d waifu ._. For those who don’t know what a waifu is it is basically you, the player/viewer, take a fancy to a female from any anime or video game and claim her mentally as your own. We all have had that happen to us at least once and don’t you fool yourselves! Think back on it and you will realize that you too have fangasmed over a fictional 2d character!!! Well anyways, I reviewed back and have dwindled them down to my top three… My third being Alice from Kami Sama no Memo-Chou, second being Tanamichi Kaoru from Amagami SS (yes she is second ;n;) and my grand top being Yuki Nagato from the Disappearance of Yuki Nagato series (yes she has her own spin off) and if you need a sample than have a sample of YUKI NAGATO’S MOENESS!!!! (If you are reading this PaoPao don’t kill me ;n;)

Ahem… Anyways this talk of Waifus has gotten me excited, but I have once again gone off topic… This post is about my second top waifu (not an easy achievement to earn among the thousands) whose tomboyish character and tsundere like exploits have captured my heart! YES to celebrate the Eve of Christmas I give you TANAMICH KAORU!!!

Ahem. Okay not the greatest picture of her but if I ruined her charming looks it would overlook the reason why I love her as my waifu. In the series there are surely more gorgeous and charming girls than her such as Morishima Haruka and even Nakata Sae (if you’re into boobs and super shy girls) and well… both really did make me cheer on Junichi; despite this I rewatched the series a second time and made my decision that Kaoru is the ideal for me, earning points in her carefree nature, her tomboy like attitude, her tsundere anger that she lashes out at Junichi… so far I sound like a Masochist .-. anyways, this girl has stolen my heart and has inspired me both in my own writing to make strong female characters and also affected my daily life to be more positive and take charge.

**Note: 7.8 Spoiler Tsunami heading your way**

Now the story starts out relatively the same in which Junichi has been duped by the girl he asked out (still sad ;n;) and after waiting a long time for her Junichi gives up and heads out of the park for the shortest walk of shame I have ever seen as he walks towards his bike at the bottom of the stairs. His walk comes to a close when Kaoru comes out of nowhere, cheerful about the holiday season but immediately picks up on Junichi’s melancholic mood and acts by sitting on the bike seat and requesting Junichi to give her a lift to a cake shop. Confused and irritated Junichi attempts to refuse her but falls for Kaoru’s evil charm when she mentions that she and her mother cannot finish the cake they ordered and offers it to him as a reward :3 Sooo would have worked on me too. His troubles forgotten, Junichi pedals his might with his bad friend behind and thus… starts the arc.

Kaoru's Charm

One year later, the duo are once again reunited inside their class with our loveable hero Tachibana sleeping. To state the obvious Junichi and Kaoru’s relationship is one built up on gags and sarcasm, a perfect comedy duo that simply make me laugh. Taking the opportunity to mess with Junichi, Kaoru slyly leans in and nibbles his right ear and forced him to wake up in fright and fights back verbally by calling her unfeminine… big mistake? I don’t think so :3 While no girl likes being called such a thing Kaoru does not take his sass and swipes a fist towards him! Tachibana barely dodges it but falls from his chair to much of his luck getting a perfect view from under her skirt (Panty shot count 1). I fucking laughed at this point as Tachibana described the view with such a stunned face knowing he would be murdered in the next few moments. Kaoru eventually picks up on what happens and in a furious fit jabs Tachibana on the plexus and knocks him out! D: poor Junichi san… hope it was worth it </3


If that wasn’t good enough then it gets better! Tachibana wakes up in the infirmary after the heavy blow with Kaoru right beside him. Putting on a feeling that he couldn’t remember what happened, Kaoru lies and says that he had hurt his head and stomach and she, like the good friend she is, helped him to the infirmary in which he replies “LIAR! YOU’RE THE ONE WHO HIT ME!” :3 such a good duo… but the highlight of this is that Kaoru tells Junichi to meet her at the back of the school garden after school for something very important… Ahem… being an anime veteran it certainly is obvious that Junichi is going to misinterpret it… and I was right. Junichi flips out and constantly keeps his mind focused on what would happen, thinking up of random scenarios of confession, sexy confession, and getting suplexed for seeing her panties earlier that day @_@ which will it be? Neither thats what! Junichi was just called over to help Kaoru’s friend with a confession of her own… but still this event helps with the story and the imagery Tachibana cooks up is gold.

If only I could be confessed by a girl in such a manner... ;n;

As amazing as it begins things don’t always stay happy and go getting. There are many many many moments like this throughout the arc but I would like to keep my point on the things that simply made me like her arc… and sadly I really liked her uniform for the restaurant she worked in. D: you would agree too and so does Tachibana! When they get out after school Tachibana walks with Kaoru before she goes leaves and during their conversation she messes around with Tachibana by inviting him to the family restaurant to try the Seasonal Specials Like Crab Gratin and such and at first I was mad that Tachibana refused… but like a real man he was curious and he meets her up as a customer. Being low on cash he buys coffee and cannot help himself from eyeing the uniforms D: My gosh… she looked so freaking hot!!!

Pink Uniform+white apron+black kneesocks=Delicious

Well aside from my tastes in maid outfits Kaoru is surprisingly cute when she’s bashful, especially when she starts believing she has a thing for our hero. @_@ my particularly favorite part of the entire arc would have to be the accidental kiss and Tachibana’s daring payback (Guy Seriously has Game!) Kaoru meets up with Tachibana on the school roof and asks him how she feels their current friendship is bad or something in which Junichi thinks is a joke and questions her reason for such a question… Now comes the fun part where Kaoru explains their relationship to be a pastel like color in which, to Tachibana, comes back to the panty shot! Well moving along, the two rough house a bit and somewhere along the line the two accidentally kiss leaving Tachibana a bit confused and also irritated that she stole his first kiss. Using this as an excuse he calls her out to the library and vows to get back for that stolen kiss. Accepting the terms, Kaoru shows up with a trick up her sleeve and offers her belly to compensate for earlier ._. yes that is right, her belly… in which Tachibana kisses and gets roused up and nearly causes a scene at school! HE’S GOT GAME!!!

Tachibana SERIOUSLY has Game!!!

After locking lips and messing around things get serious as Kaoru witnesses her mother out with another guy. Angry, confused, and hurt she does not return home or attends school the next day. Worried for her sake, Tachibana is forced to forget his previous kiss fiasco at the library and like a hero goes out to look for her. Looking at all the places he would assume she would be and getting a bit of flashbacks in between, Tachibana arrives at her work and waits for her to get a break before confronting her to go back home. After talking it out and calming Kaoru to call her mom, Tachibana acts cool and tells her that he wants to help her anytime he liked; this causes Kaoru to briefly confess that she want him by her side to which Tachibana does not percieve to understand until he goes home. Thinking the possibility over and over in his head he comes to the realization himself that he likes Kaoru as more than a friend. Thinking on this too long, he burns up taking a bath after staying too long in the hot water… poor fool

Something tells me he's happy down south as well :3

So… the climax arrives. Junichi gathers the courage to ask Kaoru her plans for Christmas Eve, hoping she would have nothing clear. However, two steps ahead, Kaoru not only has something planned she planned her date with Junichi thinking he would be too chicken to do it himself :3 such a take charge girl ❤ Heading out early, Junichi wait for Kaoru at their appointed place, but after waiting a while the sudden fear that Kaoru would not show up hits him and he would have a repeat of the previous year again. Luckily Kaoru arrives a bit late and head off to explore around before heading to their main destination, the Port Tower. For those who don’t know, Tachibana is afraid of heights and this tower is tall and after a minor panic attack the duo spend their time looking out into the city and before they leave Kaoru at long last expresses her feelings for our hero and the two lock lips… Tachibana seriously has game ❤

No joke... Just awwww ❤

Leaving the tower Kaoru misses her last bus home and Junichi offers her his place (parents gone too ;3). Heading quietly to his room, Kaoru messes around with Tachibana, dodge a bullet with his young sister checking in on him, and the two lay on the same bed a bit nervous at the situation. In an attempt to ease the tension Kaoru mounts Tachibana playfully and teases to do more before… she passes out ._. a letdown? maybe. Cute? Hell yeah!

Kaoru is such a tease

And with that the story ends. The main reasons I like Kaoru is her personality herself. Strong and bold, carefree and funny, the kind of person who is somewhat shy to express herself at first but when it comes down to it is very take charge! Such a woman indeed earns the place of second on my waifu list and thus is an honor! How long she will reign there is a mystery itself… but rest assured that in the Amagami SS world Kaoru is always number one out of the other girls… Next up on the list we have Nakata Sae for Amagami SS Part 3! Look forward to that!… Kinda reminds me of a hamster stuffing her cheeks in this image :3 Until next time Merry Chrismahanakwanza and a Happy New Years!

I would also like to say that tomorrow, December 25th, is Arcueid’s Birthday! Those who are unfamiliar with Tsukihime or Melty Blood I would like to say GO AND CHECK EM OUT AND PLAY IT ALL DAY TOMORROW!!! RAWR!!! DO IT FOR ARCUEID!!!


Mind Fucking Till The End- Steins Gate Rant/Praise

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As a fan of scifi drama’s it goes without saying that I like lasers and space ships. I was a big fan of star wars to the point I bought a replica light saber that is probably worth well more than one hundred (a good price seeing I bought it for 20). I loved watching Firefly and even loved Trigun for its uniquely space western tale and whimsical cast of characters and story, Dead Space for its unique monsters in a cramped mining ship with no way out, Halo with its spartans, and lastly Warhammer 40k with its insane universe of space marines and Gothic architecture and belief that it seemed like a mix of metal meets space fantasy. In short I am in love with science fiction stories to the point that I would like to even pilot a space craft and be simply bad ass. Of course space travel is dangerous business but the realm of science fiction is always closer than most people realize that it seems possible to even pilot mechs in space like that in Gundam. Now as for science fiction of course we neglect something that each and every one of us used to believe at some point in our lives; time travelling. If I had the power to travel time I’d have changed things in my past to simply not happen… or become a god >.> Today such a series takes time travelling and turns it into a mind fucking experience with so many twists and turns that it seems there is no hope at all for a happy end. Today I bring you… Steins Gate.

**Warning: Spoilers Ahead**

**Warning: Bullshitting Ahead**

To make this as short as possible, Steins Gate began as a japanese visual novel for the xbox 360 (which I currently am still playing), published and copyrighted by 5.pb (known for their game Chaos Head) and Nitroplus. I remember news almost 3 years ago that a new game was being worked on, and around 2009 a teaser site followed. Seeing as I could not understand japanese so well back then I lost interest shortly after and simply focused on… Dragon Age and other titles (busy busy year). A year after Steins Gate was released and an anime adaptation followed (as well as a manga that I never read) and the first episode did catch my appeal… however… Megavideo cockblocked me as I ran out of time; Impatient as ever I just turned away 5 minutes into the episode and focused on games and anime (blame Megavideo). Just when I had all but forgotten about it my friend Chaz gave me most of the episodes and I sat down to watch it in 360 quality. Frustrated by the quality that I had trouble reading the text I vented my frustration by finding my own copy and torrenting the entire series in the highest quality my laptop can run… best decision in my life. I would also like to say that this is an abridged version of my review so please… please… put up with my bad jokes :3

Steins Gate’s story is purely science fiction gold, set in real life Akihabara the story revolves around Okabe Rintarou (or Hououin Kyouma as he calls himself), an ever eccentric twenty year old college student who believes himself to be a mad scientist (in name) and that a group called the Organization is after him. His loyal companion and childhood friend Mayuri, naively hangs around him in his “Laboratory” (apartment) with his second lab member Itaru “Daru” Hashida (a fluffy computer hacker). Together the three spend their days making futuristic gadgets and at the first episode Okabe talks to the viewers… or at least it seems that way. While he rants on the screen and introduces his lab members and tells his goal of global domination and chaos… shortly after it turns out that Okabe is talking to a camera to a lame video game called “Alpaca Man”. I’ll say now that DeIz kinda messed me up with one of the characters ranting to me and as scripted as it is I can’t help but feel it had truth to it >.>

Mad Scientist "So KEWL!"

Well shortly in the episode we are introduced to several of my favorite characters Rukako and Makise Kurisu (Kuristina :D) both who have my heart. Rukako (Ruka Urushibara) is a strikingly great character with such delicate charms that can simply be put as “Moe” and her voice was simply shy and naive that I can’t help but feel so entranced by her character alone. Such a gorgeous character indeed stirred me up as Okabe repeatedly teased her and Mayuri kept going on about having “him” try on cosplay outfits… Thats when my bubble was popped and I focused more on the text in disbelief, wondering if that was just a type-o error… NAY! I prayed it was a type-o error! And even as Rukako explained that he was a guy and didn’t want to try on such outfits I still held on that it was a girl!… then Okabe, the final nail in my coffin, rapid fired in his mind that he was a guy to snap him out from “naughty thoughts”… in short I had stepped on a land mine called “A Trap”. Fuck!!! I swear one of these days I am making a trap meter and counting down all the traps I have walked in on >.> but anyways Rukako, as gorgeous as he is… is indeed a guy as told by Okabe ;n;


Traps aside the silver lining to this was being introduced to our heroine, Makise Kurisu, a gifted prodigy who comes to America for undisclosed reasons. Though not as favorite as Rukako (why does he have to be a guy ;n;) Makise Kurisu comes at a close second. Despite her talent as a scientist and her charming beauty, Makise Kurisu… is a nerd! Yes that is right, a fellow nerd like me :3 She understands memes, enjoys otaku related things, and is a pervert at heart (despite how she hides it). Clearly a tsundere, Okabe and Makise don’t get along at first but eventually warm up and work together at the lab. Hell when I heard her make a “Yo Dawg” joke I simply cried from laughter and disbelief, but there it was, memes on an anime… Magical.

Two Mad Scientists. One Love :3

I could go on and on about the characters alone but sadly I must continue. Steins Gate’s plot revolves around Okabe’s love for time machines. At the beginning of the episode he meets Kurisu for a brief moment before he goes inside to listen to a lecture on time machines; frustrated in anger that this guys theory was stolen from someone on the internet and shortly after leaving he comes across Kurisu again… in a pool of blood. In disbelief, he heads outside and texts Daru what happened and accidently alters time. Confused, he heads elsewhere only to find out that Makise Kurisu is alive o.O

Makise Kurisu Za Zombie!

In disbelief at his encounter, Okabe goes home and finds out that his recent project, the Phone Microwave, is a time machine! Yes that is right, a microwave fitted to turn on when he calls the phone attached to it, can send text messages (D-Mails) back in time! Makise Kurisu, who is also in disbelief, works together with Okabe to deduce how this is possible; to do this they hack into SERN’s database and learn of their efforts to build a working time machine. Finding conviction to go through with their plan, Okabe and the other lab members begin testing their own time machine by sending messages back in time, altering the present (one such being my favored wish). Many things in Akihabara change, a welcome change was Rukako’s sudden transformation from a guy to a girl! Rukako sends a message back to his mom (via numbers to a pager), and oddly affects his birth to be a girl! Of course the present has altered and no one has memory of this except for Okabe, who still thinks Rukako to be a guy. When the others tell him he’s wrong Okabe gropes Rukako and… finds no penis 😀

;n; He's a real girl!!!!

After much testing and altering the past, Okabe’s and Kurisu develop a way to time leap… and with it comes misfortune as Mayuri dies from a group called the Rounders, dogs of SERN. In disbelief, Okabe repeatedly time leaps back only to have Mayuri die in various ways with no change in the result. Okabe cannot save her yet his conviction keeps him going, his hope still burning to find a way to save her. Almost going mad Kurisu notices a change in character and deduces he has time leaped, confronting him to learn his reasons; after learning of Mayuri’s misfortune, Kurisu helps him by trying to find a way to solve his dilemma. This is when Suzuha, a strange girl who hangs around with them, reveals her true self to be the self proclaimed time traveller from the internet and tells him to return to the beta world line (a world that might be possible to save Mayuri). Confronted with a huge problem, the only way to return to the beta world line from the alpha world line they are currently in; but due to the butterfly effect they are forced to undo the effects of each D-Mail sent, a task that is not easy for Okabe as he still has to face Mayuri’s impending demise each time he leaps back. After undoing most of the D-Mails, Okabe comes to the realization that in order to get to the beta world line, the world line in which he witnessed Makise Kurisu die, is to undo the D-Mail he sent by mistake.

The Tipping Point

Finding no heart to be able to do this, he struggles to even dare do such a thing as he himself has gotten attached to Kurisu, the one person who has been trying to help him save Mayuri… in short he fell in love with her 😀 and this I approve. Sadly the loving moment is stained by the overwhelming situation that he has to have Kurisu die in order to save Mayuri. Kurisu once again confronts him and asks what is stopping him and learns of her impending demise on the Beta World line. Wracked in bitter remorse, Kurisu willingly accepts her demise and consoles Okabe to go through with it; angered by this Okabe confesses his love for her and the two embrace and lock lips :3 yes!

Brings a tear to my eyes ;n;

Not even love can stop fate, however… and Okabe goes through with the plan and returns to the Beta world line… and I was sad as I watched the credits, thinking that this was it… the final episode or atleast I thought. Near the end Okabe gets a call from Suzuha, declaring that she needs his help to stop world war 3 o.O I got mind fucked. So Okabe comes to the appointed place and he learns that in order to save the future from such a disaster he must save Kurisu from death. Going  back he attempts to save her and fails in doing so, returning back in pain… Suzuha then reveals the real plan, designed by his future self. That in order to save Kurisu and to stop world war 3, he must first have the plans for the time machine destroyed… and to fool his past self that Kurisu is dead. Finding courage once again he follows through with this plan and runs across a temporary flaw in his plan when his tool to fake Kurisu’s blood… is dry. Finding no other option, he uses himself to shield Kurisu from the knife, frightens the villain, and stuns Kurisu before he opens the wound deep and bleeds all over her… When he returns to the present he is then put ion the hospital, but he is relieved that the plan went without a hitch. I thought that he would never see Kurisu but because of Kurisu’s memory influenced by other world line versions of her causes her to meet with him, giving a satisfying ending to such a great series.

Okabe+Kurisu= Finally Together ;n;

Even though I had just spoiled most of the plot in Steins Gate (and I apologize) it does not mean that one cannot enjoy this series. My words alone don’t make this series great and I cannot begin to explain how real each character is and the emotion that is displayed. The story is one thing, but watching these characters react to the pain, love, and drama is what makes this series gold and I highly recommend everyone to watch this. This is a series that must be watched and I ask you to support the official release so we can have more anime’s and games like this! Before you go however… I give you this!!!!

You are so a "Tsundere"

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