New Changes/ Plans for Anime Expo 2012/ New Goals

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For the past few months, I have been tugged around on a leash by my college classes, which is currently going on as I prepare for Finals Week coming around the corner. While I have posted my Erogaming blog, I have neglected my anime one because I have not been catching up on my anime. I can pull a summary out of my ass, but that’d be too easy and the emotion would be lacking in it. Once school subsides, I should be able to get my creative rants/praises going for both this and Erogamers. Just 2 more weeks of class and I can go back to being an Otaku again!

I’ve made some changes to the blog’s layout (mainly the background). I plan on changing it every now and then with no particular point beside to make it cute, sexy, awesome, or weird. I’ve done the same on Erogamers, so please check it out (if you’re of age).

On the lighter note, Anime Expo is 2 months away. Hurray! So far, from what is confirmed, LiSA (The band that played in Angel Beats) is coming to the Nokia Stadium! That is so much I’ve gotten so far on information. My first year of Anime Expo was amazing, however, this time I am going with a bigger party (around 15). Surely enough, after months of careful planning, searching for a hotel, losing half the party, cancelling hotels, reserving another, cancelling that one for a free condo, and getting a full party of 15 again, I am proud to say that my expedition to the Mecca of anime fandom (In America at least) is guaranteed. If you are heading out to Anime Expo, my advice is this: bring a refillable water bottle, wear good shoes, stay indoors as much as you can (cause it’ll be hot), and have a lot of deodorant! I emphasize this the most because every guy and girl will sweat like fat people in a sauna, believe me, Anime Expo is the equivalent of running a marathon and by the last day you’d be lucky to only have blisters in your feet.

I’d offer more tips, but the most helpful advice I got came from this video by Stephen Hawking Kun (pun). This video is a 2 part series (3rd part was not posted) and it gives a brief rundown on what do see and not see. Sure, its a few years late, but many of the exhibitors are still money hungry. Be smart and have fun.


Busy Busy Busy/ Updates/ and Its Over 4000!!!

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After logging on for the first time in over a month, I would proudly like to say that I am nearly halfway to my goal of 9001 views. Really, its fantastic to know that I’ve gotten a lot of views in the short year I’ve began posting. Really, it’s a great feeling to know people enjoy what I post. I may not get a lot of comments, but it’s a start with the few I have.


Well to get this started, I have been extremely busy with classes, and with midterms coming up soon I’ve gotta get my ass into gear and study for all my classes. The silver lining is that spring break follows after and I’m going on a huge anime and visual novel binge. During that time, I hope to make up for the lack of posts on the anime and the Erogamers blog as well. I would also like to congratulate the user who commented on me to play Bible Black… Now I have gotten afraid as he not only forced me to play it, but also supplied me the game. Fuck my life…

Anyways, I hope to post more in the following weeks, and not to get mentally scarred by the demon rape in Bible Black… ;n; Let see how long I can keep my sanity in tact. For more about Bible Black and any other visual novel, go and visit my Erogaming Blog. Until next time, I leave you with Awesome


Judgement D4Y!- THE BAN AGAINST SOPA Protest – Maybe :|

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As you all now know the internet censorship bill, Sopa and PIPA, are gaining momentum through congress as we speak and tomorrow is the day that not only people are protesting, but the internet itself is protesting. Now as I say this in a sense that the internet is alive, and I do believe that this is true. The internet is a machine that gains its life through billions of cogs that help run its life, the people themselves are the cogs that help run this wild beast of a machine called the internet. I say this now because tomorrow is a big day that… my blog post might not even get to be seen in time when I personally… censor myself. Tomorrow, in protest against SOPA and PIPA, the internet is going to be shut down and this wild beast will enter a state of dormancy.

When I say this I do not mean that the internet is turning off. I mean that most sites online such as wordpress (and others) will turn off their servers temporarily in protest, leaving its users unable to go to the actual website 😐 Deep stuff. Although this may be speculation and “Might” happen tomorrow, January 18th, is still a mystery. If it does happen this will be one of the largest protest in history, one that even some other countries are showing support against the United States bill (thank you other countries). While the sites and thousand (perhaps millions) of people will follow this protest those who want no part in this fight will be affected greatly. It is uncertain what websites will go off the radar for this protest, but many people will be certainly pissed off that the US Congress will have no choice but to not pass this bill. How long the protest lasts… a few hours or even days, who knows.

I for one, am against SOPA and PIPA, and although this protest is perhaps a really extreme thing to do it does give the common internet user a taste of what these bills would do to the internet. If these bills pass many websites like youtube will be sued just because some persons baby video had copyright music playing in the background (unintentionally). DeviantArt, a place for artist to freely express their art on DR. Who or Fate Stay Night will be taken down because of copyright (maybe a bit exagerated). A lot of people will be affected and it will make the internet quite an unstable place, and for what? To stop piracy? There are already ways to fight online piracy and youtubes “Flag” feature aids in the search of illegal videos, and although it has been misused time and time again this is a great tool that has helped to hunt down and take said videos off. There are tools that help in the aid of piracy and although the internet is a huge space equal to a google (not the website) the amount of content being taken down is still a great margin.

Bottom line, the point of these bills passing will cause damage to not only the users, but to the companies that support these laws. Just recently the VGA’s issued a take down notice of “The Last of Us” trailer, aired on the Spike Video Game Award… the irony was, that this video was on the official website of The Last of Us… in short, the developers were forced to take down the trailer for their own game. This not only affects games, television, Hollywood films, and animes all around but it is a real snap in the face for everyone. As much as I don’t want this protest thing to be too out of hand… I gotta tip my hat for this protest. I’d rather not be able to log on WordPress and youtube for a day or two rather than a year. So SOPA can kiss my ass and although I don’t support online piracy I, Edwin Vega, and many other users, cannot stay neutral about this. Its time to act DAMMIT! I will censor myself as an act of kindess and as an act of trolling proportions! This is such a great burn that I can do to myself and others and I love it :3 A trolling that benefits us all! Join in on the fun and although I’m against SOPA please… have fun with it

End of the Year: New Years Resolution Rant/Praise

December 31, 2011 § 3 Comments

New years eve folks. Yes today signals the end of the year a great many things have changed for me; hell just over half a year ago I was getting used to my cozy little room and preparing for the ever present anime expo that I so wanted to attend, it also marked the day I started this blog for shits and giggles and though I don’t post as much as I would like I think that a nice delay means that the quality of my posts are quite genuine and as best as they can be. Even if 2011 is ending it does not signal the end of my never ending search for Otaku Enlightenment! Even now, at the end of the year, still try to end this year with a nice bang through the only way I know, a New Years Rant.

Click for Actual Image

To start off I would like to express my gratitude for those who have been following and hope for more to follow in the following year, even if its not many I am still overjoyed to have entertained you all. I don’t really consider myself a reviewer, hell I don’t even have a rating system like others and even though I’m not like many of those article writers in Kotaku or Otaku USA I still try to freely express myself into every post I do; from games to anime I want to express my love (or hate) for those things that have made me cry, laugh, or make me angry. It feels really great to speak my mind and thus I proclaim that my first resolution is to continue posting about animes both great and… lacking… with compassion and detail.

Without further ado my second resolution is to continue and finish my Anime Conquest goal, to watch every anime I have ever seen in my childhood, and the list keeps on growing @_@ fuck my life! twelve years of anime until my first year of High School all crammed in hopefully a year. A sure goal that isn’t an easy feat and to add to the trouble I must express how I felt watching it. This time however I shall change the rules and not focus on just one anime to keep the blog going more frequently and keep me from focusing on other genres because I get bored of it. It’ll be interesting to at long last talk about my thoughts from back then and now on a particular anime so look forward to more!

My third resolution is to post more frequently on non H games and manga. So even if its a pc Love Sim or a Console I will like to fill this genre up as well. I also promised manga so i should consider that since many great series aren’t animes yet ;n; As for the Naughty stuff I shall continue posting them in Erogaming Galore blog and continue my journey into the Japanese Adult Entertainment… Also I have a new Segment I shall announce shortly which I dub as “Forced Enjoyment”. As thew title suggests I will play “any” and “all” games adult related that is recommended to me via email, comment, or text message! From the safe story filled genre of Princess Waltz to the creepy and ever loathing Bible Black, I will play them all and talk about my opinions about it. For more information please visit the Erogaming Galore “Forced Enjoyment” hyperlink.

My fourth and lastly most important resolution is to keep my friends. It may seem unrelated to the blog but my friends are perhaps one of the reasons that I am inspired to keep writing be it blog related or not; among these I could not do it without my partner in crime Paola who inspires me even more to take my writing a step further with ideas. Never will I prioritize my blog, my anime, and my games, over my friends and I would like to thank them for being there when I needed it. I love you all.

Well thus ends this post. I’ve got a lot of drinking to do with the family and the great New Years Countdown to do, so I hope you all have a wonderful New Years Eve.  This has been Edwin Vega and I’ll See you Next Year Space Cowboy (hurr hurr, Cowboy Bebop Reference)

Anime Conquest List Update and over 2k!

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Being reminded yet again of another series, I have decided that if I should fail to finish watching my quota (which I assume so), then I shall continue my conquest as long as it take. Also I have added 2 series to the list and I will break my rule of only watching 1 series at a time. So look forward to more. Also I would like to thank all my viewers for over 2000 views and that I hope to get over 9000 views and further! So please subscribe and feel free to comment :3

-Cowboy Bebop

-Princess Mononoke

-Serial Experiments Lain

-Rurouni Kenshin

-Outlaw Star

-Dragon Ball Z

-Fooly Cooly

-G-Gundam (recently Added)

-Gundam Wing (Recently Added)


-Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind

-Fullmetal Panic


-Ninja Scroll

-Neon Genesis Evangelion


-Macross Plus

-Macross 2 Movie

-Ghost in the Shell movie

-X (the Show)

-X (the movie)


-Tokyo Godfathers

-Angel Links

-Spirited Away



Weekly Update and Fate Zero episode 1

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So the week has been hectic as of late. Class has me kinda booked for most of the week and now that I’m running 2 blogs it is beginning to really get to me just to meet my quota. A lot of new animes are coming out and catching up with them is quite difficult with my schedule (kinda makes me wish I could make a clone). So I guess I’ll talk a little bit on what i’ve been doing on my end a bit.


Well for much of my time I’ve been in class. but whenever I got home after (which is usually 6-7) I sat myself down to play a famous H-Game by Nitro plus called Saya no Uta. I have a blog post on Erogamer so if H-Games is your thing then I recommend you check it out and decide if you are willing to play it (I recommend it only to those with the stomach for it).

Fear The Cute Ones

Click Image for the Post

I’m spreading the word once again that those who watch and read my stuff I want YOU to comment your thoughts for my posts or recommend me an anime to check out. I very much would like to hear from all of you.

I would also like to take the time to continue my thoughts on Fate Zero in which just a week ago the first episode has come out (with the second available today). Watching the first episode we are introduced to our hero, Emiya Kiritsuga and his lovely wife Irisviel Einsbern along with their newborn child Ilya (who was so cute as a baby). I was given a brief taste of Kiritsuga’s struggle of parenthood as he is a stone cold murderer who kills mages by any means necessary; Iri consoles er husband and gives him a glimmer of hope to love their child like any normal parent. In 4 minutes of screen time I found myself immediately pairing Iri and Emya together.

Of course we are introduced to other characters such as  Kiritsuga (master of Assassin), and Tosaka Tokiomi (father of Rin and master of Archer- Gilgamesh). Kiritsuga and Tokiomi talk over that he was chosen for the grail and offers him to be his apprentice to aid him to win the grail for the sake of keeping it out of the wrong hands. Willingly Kiritsuga accepts his mission and we are introduced to a bit of the rules on the Holy Grail War.

Somewhere in London we are introduced to Waver Velvet (master of Rider), a mage who is studying at London Clock Tower (a secret school for mages). His character I enjoyed the most because he is a hard working student who wants to be accepted as a full on mage despite that his bloodline is relatively lacking in the magic department. Dissed by his teacher Kaynet El-Melloi Archibald (a pureblood mage family and master of Lancer) mocks his research paper of magecraft titled “Inquiry of Magecraft’s Path in the New Century” saying that his idealism is merely fantasy and that it was all about ancestry and bloodline. Angry, Waver leaves his class and bumps into a faculty teacher whom he gives Waver a package to Professor Archibald. Instead of giving it to his teacher Waver takes the package and then learns of the Holy Grail war and that the package contained a relic to summon a Servant and begins his training to gain a Command Seal for the war.

Perhaps the most interesting and most messed up mage family is the Matou’s. For those who have not played the Fate Stay Night game route “Heavens Feel” I will make a brief summary. The Matou Bloodline lacks a rightful heir for the Holy Grail war, and calling on a debt owed by the Tosaka family they request to adopt one of the Tosaka children into their own (in which the Tosaka’s oblige to their request and give up Sakura). This decision does not sit well with Kariya (soon to be Master of Beserker), one of the two sons of Zoken Matou. Pissed off he confronts his father and offers that he will fight in the Holy Grail war in exchange to free Sakura; mocking his request the old man denies his request… that is until Kariya offers that he uses the Crest Worm to increasy his magic aptitude in a years time. After much thinking and sadistic desire, Zoken accepts his offer and puts him in an intense magical training to become worthy of a Command Seal.

Though some masters are left unmentioned and the first episode is mainly an introduction to the Holy Grail and the characters themselves I was quite stunned on how I’ve grown attached to these mentioned characters in 40 minutes. Kiritsugas plight and struggle as a murderer turned parent, Wavers desire to prove himself as a great mage, and Kariya’s goal to free Sakura while enduring so much torture, I simply could not stop watching until the end. Around the end Kiritsuga, Waver, Tokiomi, and Kariya all summon their Servants on the last day of the deadline for the war. While they chant their summons it is simply amazing to watch these characters summon their servants, each different in aspect. I was especially glad when I got to see Gilgamesh and Saber showed up (Jizzed in my pants). As a major fan of Saber and Gilgamesh I could not help but be overjoyed that 2 of my favorite characters showed up on screen, so much so that I looked up GilgameshxSaber doujins and whatnot immediately after.

So in short… I loved Fate Zero. The animation is well done, the character and story is great, and the voice actors and sound effects simply put me in awe, like I’m watching a real movie. I can surely hope that each episode continues to wow me with action and character development. I want to know more about each one of these characters while this war goes in full force. So without further ado I bid you all farewell, I’m Edwin Vega hear to tell you to stay frosty.

Fate Zero is Coming! (pre Rant/Praise post)

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What a glorious September it was. Looking back I was overjoyed that I had so many fond memories. Some good, some bad, and most just plain random. I wish I could tell you all about it but sadly my reminiscent life is not place for this blog. I do however with great excitement say that October will be the best. Why? Because of the new line up of anime being released for the fall, and one in particular has my jimmies riled up in excitement! Fate Zero! (click the image below for the PV trailer)

This isn’t a real Rant/Praise or a Conquest. This is simply me celebrating the occasion by telling all my viewers how excited I am! I have been a Fate Stay Night fan for a long time and soon after hounded after everything Type Moon Could throw at me. Melty Blood(and Tsukihime), Fate Stay Night, and Kara no Kyoukai simply were too amazing to explain and rather than take my word for it I wholly recommend you all check out all of Type Moon’s projects.

Fate Zero is entirely different from Fate Stay Night in many ways. Unlike the visual novel, Fate Zero debut as a light novel series written by Gen Urobuchi and illustrated by Takashi Takeuchi (the artist to all of Type Moons projects). Since I have not read the novels and since I don’t know much about this series I will say that my two favorite characters will be arriving. Saber and Gilgamesh will return! YAY!

Without furhter ado I shall let you guys go and get on with your day. So until Fate Zero comes please enjoy this. Thank you.

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