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March 6, 2012 § Leave a comment

After logging on for the first time in over a month, I would proudly like to say that I am nearly halfway to my goal of 9001 views. Really, its fantastic to know that I’ve gotten a lot of views in the short year I’ve began posting. Really, it’s a great feeling to know people enjoy what I post. I may not get a lot of comments, but it’s a start with the few I have.


Well to get this started, I have been extremely busy with classes, and with midterms coming up soon I’ve gotta get my ass into gear and study for all my classes. The silver lining is that spring break follows after and I’m going on a huge anime and visual novel binge. During that time, I hope to make up for the lack of posts on the anime and the Erogamers blog as well. I would also like to congratulate the user who commented on me to play Bible Black… Now I have gotten afraid as he not only forced me to play it, but also supplied me the game. Fuck my life…

Anyways, I hope to post more in the following weeks, and not to get mentally scarred by the demon rape in Bible Black… ;n; Let see how long I can keep my sanity in tact. For more about Bible Black and any other visual novel, go and visit my Erogaming Blog. Until next time, I leave you with Awesome



Judgement D4Y!- THE BAN AGAINST SOPA Protest – Maybe :|

January 17, 2012 § Leave a comment

As you all now know the internet censorship bill, Sopa and PIPA, are gaining momentum through congress as we speak and tomorrow is the day that not only people are protesting, but the internet itself is protesting. Now as I say this in a sense that the internet is alive, and I do believe that this is true. The internet is a machine that gains its life through billions of cogs that help run its life, the people themselves are the cogs that help run this wild beast of a machine called the internet. I say this now because tomorrow is a big day that… my blog post might not even get to be seen in time when I personally… censor myself. Tomorrow, in protest against SOPA and PIPA, the internet is going to be shut down and this wild beast will enter a state of dormancy.

When I say this I do not mean that the internet is turning off. I mean that most sites online such as wordpress (and others) will turn off their servers temporarily in protest, leaving its users unable to go to the actual website ūüėź Deep stuff. Although this may be speculation and “Might” happen tomorrow, January 18th, is still a mystery. If it does happen this will be one of the largest protest in history, one that even some other countries are showing support against the United States bill (thank you other countries). While the sites and thousand (perhaps millions) of people will follow this protest those who want no part in this fight will be affected greatly. It is uncertain what websites will go off the radar for this protest, but many people will be certainly pissed off that the US Congress will have no choice but to not pass this bill. How long the protest lasts… a few hours or even days, who knows.

I for one, am against SOPA and PIPA, and although this protest is perhaps a really extreme thing to do it does give the common internet user a taste of what these bills would do to the internet. If these bills pass many websites like youtube will be sued just because some persons baby video had copyright music playing in the background (unintentionally). DeviantArt, a place for artist to freely express their art on DR. Who or Fate Stay Night will be taken down because of copyright (maybe a bit exagerated). A lot of people will be affected and it will make the internet quite an unstable place, and for what? To stop piracy? There are already ways to fight online piracy and youtubes “Flag” feature aids in the search of illegal videos, and although it has been misused time and time again this is a great tool that has helped to hunt down and take said videos off. There are tools that help in the aid of piracy and although the internet is a huge space equal to a google (not the website) the amount of content being taken down is still a great margin.

Bottom line, the point of these bills passing will cause damage to not only the users, but to the companies that support these laws. Just recently the VGA’s issued a take down notice of “The Last of Us” trailer, aired on the Spike Video Game Award… the irony was, that this video was on the official website of The Last of Us… in short, the developers were forced to take down the trailer for their own game. This not only affects games, television,¬†Hollywood¬†films, and animes all around but it is a real snap in the face for everyone. As much as I don’t want this protest thing to be too out of hand… I gotta tip my hat for this protest. I’d rather not be able to log on WordPress and youtube for a day or two rather than a year. So SOPA can kiss my ass and although I don’t support online piracy I, Edwin Vega, and many other users, cannot stay neutral about this. Its time to act DAMMIT! I will censor myself as an act of kindess and as an act of trolling proportions! This is such a great burn that I can do to myself and others and I love it :3 A trolling that benefits us all! Join in on the fun and although I’m against SOPA please… have fun with it

God’s Memo Pad (NOT DEATH NOTE!)

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I will say that I am not a really big fan of mysteries. If they don’t capture me on the first episode I will most likely overlook it and never return to it unless someone puts me up to it. Recently however I have made an exception for one reason. The saving grace for any mystery series to make me continue on is a cute loli… and this is a tale of that such myster XD

God's Notebook

A really cute Loli

To start I would like to say that I did not willingly watch this because I wanted to. My friend Luis kept nagging me to watch it because I would “Like it” and I continually ignored it until… he said the magic 4 words… “It has a Loli”. I immediately searched for it and confirmed that it indeed had a loli and thus watched it. Though knowing it was a mystery I did not have much hope that I would enjoy it. “It has a Loli but I might not watch it if its not good.” I told my friend… and boy did I eat my words.

Okay aside from my super fangasm, the series is really great. It’s a mystery series that involves various cases each with their own gravity and drama. From suicide, missing person, and drugs, Alice the NEET Detective can solve it with her gang of hoodlums… er I mean helpers. Kami Sama no Memo Chou was originally a light novel series written by Hikaru Sugii with illustrations by Mel Kishida. The light novel was published ¬†January 2007 and ended September 2011. Shortly after a manga adaptation followed and the anime aired July 2011. To make this entry clear a NEET is an acronym for the government classification for people currently “Not in Education, Employment or Training” and I hope this makes this entry clear to understand.

The story is revolved mainly around Narumi Fujishima, a 16 year old high school student who thinks of his life as a pixel, unimportant and meaningless. This all changes when he comes across a girl jumping off a hotel balcony and lands on a pile of trash. Giving the girl a helping hand he is put in a hold by a young guy with a rifle under the suspicion that he is a suspect until two of his associates (a former boxer and a gigolo) notify their otaku friend that the suspect got away. Narumi heads off to school and meets Ayaka Shinozaki, a fellow classmate and the only member of the gardening committee; after a small spat between the two Narumi joins the gardening committee. After school Ayaka leads Narumi to the ramen shop… and what waits him there are the same three guys from earlier that day!


What You Talking About...

If chance encounters aren’t your thing then please bear with it a bit longer… Anyhow not only are the three NEETS (well 2… Guntaku is actually in college), the three all work for a very very angry boss. So if they are NEETS then why are they working? The answer is that they work as information gatherers for a shut-in 12 year old looking loli with severe insomniac problems! This so called Alice calls herself a NEET Detective, a speaker for the deceased by solving mysteries their crimes left unsolved with her high intellect; to make it even cuter her diet is comprised of ramen and Dokupo (Dr. Pepper).¬†Again my loli complex kicked in but anyways Alice is super Meta; she has about so many computers overclocking, teddy bears and stuffed animals all around her bed and she’s in her pajamas all day unless she goes out (rarely), there is nothing about Alice that I don’t dislike. She is simply too awesome and cute.


The first episode is around 40 min long and it left me in awe. The first mystery revolves around the missing disappearance of a girl and the only lead Alice has is the girls best friend and boyfriend (who are also searching for her). While hunting for clues, Narumi confronts the suspect (named Miku) and questions the suspect and finds out more about the missing girl. Miku’s attachment to her friend was because she was simply a perfect role model and the only clue she has is the girls phone. Soon after learning this Alice makes her move and stops Miku from searching and questions her about the phone which reveals¬†that Miku’s so call Idol worked as a prostitute and her phone held the evidence. Deducing Miku’s story to fill in the gap she reveals that the missing girls boyfriend has been buying a large amount of ice every single day since her disappearance. The crime is solved and the police find her body in a bath tub of ice with her wrists slashed, revealing she ended her life while the boyfriend preserved her body to keep her wish of “Stopping Time Here”.

At this point I am amazed that one episode had captivated me to keep going. The characters each are unique and different and Narumi’s relationship with Alice is one that is too cute to ignore (crack pairing). Of Course their relationship is that of a trainer and a monkey (Narumi being the monkey and insulted by Alice), yet the two share moments that simply make me smile, cry, or just laugh out loud. Narumi and Alice both win my heart as two great characters that should be together. Its really a heartwarming experience just watching these two interact.

You're My Bitch

My Bitch

Of course many of the characters each are great. Tetsu is friendly and always makes friends but he always owes money to people, Shiso is enthusiastic when it comes to spy gadgets and survival games, and Hiro is simply… a womanizer… no no Womanizer is too much, he simply has sex with women and befriends them ^^ He’s a manwhore! Of course my favorite character (That is not Naru or Alice) is Yondaime, the leader of an all NEET Yakuza group. Despite his tough behavior and superhuman strength he is perhaps one of the softest characters in this series mainly because he fixes all of Alice’s stuffed animals (in secret of course, he still has to be tough!). Yondaime and Narumi become close because of Alice and eventually the two form a bond of brotherhood complete with a ritual. If there is a strong point in this show I would have to say it would be the characters that simply make the story that much realistic.

You're My Bro

The thing I find most depressing rather than infuriating is that its short… only 12 episodes long. More characters are introduced and each make such an impact on the story. One being a vagabond named Renji who was once a friend of Yondaime who returns with a vengeance for allowing the death of his crush. Before these events pass Narumi and this guy become friends and eventually do the same brotherhood ritual (and hinting that he had done this with a former friend). Despite fucking shit up for the gang he learns the truth of his crush and reconciles with his friend. What I would wish is that there be more episodes with familiar faces returning and more mysteries to solve but sadly this won’t happen. I do however say that the final few episodes get super intense as Ayaka gets involved and is put in the hospital and leaves our poor Narumi confused and guilty. The series ends perfectly and this truly makes up for being only 12 episodes long.

Ayaka Coma

My final thoughts… I was forced to watch this series by one of my friends… kept watching for the loli, but ended up leaving with a rich story. This show is simply a must watch for any mystery/lolicon out there. The characters all are great, the mysteries are full of suspense and drama, and the art style is simply awesome. I highly recommend this as a must watch for 2011. Well that should be enough… Before I go I leave you with my most cherished treasure… Goodnight!



A Declaration of War!!!

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With the rise views of my blog I feel a great sense of pride that many are reading my stuff and I would like to thank those who take the time to read my blogs. I would also like to say that I would hope that people comment more and so on but I guess I can’t ask much seeing that I’m still new at this.

This is an update so I would like to say that I have created a new blog for otaku adult entertainment. So basically Hentai anime&manga, and Eroge (H-Games) that I will speak my mind about. I would like to say “Woah why Hentai bro? What’s wrong with this blog?”. I’ll tell you whats wrong. I love this blog, but I do however wish to talk about a wider spectrum of things that I kind of don’t want to post here. Sure adult entertainment, taboo, yet I will only be talking about them and I shall not post any graphic images or videos and such, this will be strictly my opinion. The closest thing to fanservice as anyone will get will be light material such as anime girls in bikinis and what not (so do not fret). It will be strictly for that and I shall update both to my leisure.

I also want to enforce a policy I want to go into effect for both blogs. I WILL ACCEPT REQUESTS! Give me a comment or send me an email and I will watch and give my opinion on anything you would like me to talk about. This will leave no rock overturned and it shall help me make a new segment I shall call “Viewers Conquest” which shall take in effect January 1st 2012. I will personally leap through hoops (metaphorically speaking) as I make a race to watch the requested anime in less than a week and write my thoughts on it! So viewers be proactive and start sending me “YOUR” requests! However any hentai mentioned will be immediately taken and posted only in the erogamers galore¬†so if it isn’t posted here then it might be there.

I thank you for reading this and I hope to hear from my viewers. Remember to comment or email me at find_vega@yahoo.com. Until next time here… is something for the fans.

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